4 Skills Every Man Should Develop

Skills Every Man Should Develop

Men are expected to know a lot, and some men think they do. Let’s face it: men know just as much as anyone, and in not knowing much, there are some skills men still need to hone, and it may be in their best interest to know these things to become well-rounded individuals. Here are four skills every man should develop. 


Cooking is important. There have been many stories of women and men going to a man’s house for a date or postdate fun only to find out that their knight in shining armor has a garbage can full of take-out containers. Men need to know how to cook.

Cooking is sexy on many levels, but most importantly, it shows that a man can take care of himself. Preparing healthy food for yourself and the joy of preparing it for others is essential. Cooking for someone else shows that you care, indicating that you have your feet on the ground. The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.

CPR/First Aid

Not everyone will carry a first aid kit around with them, but it may benefit a man to know CPR and first aid. A skill of this kind shows that you can take care of others. Other men and women will feel secure and safe with you, which will make you think you can help anyone at any time.

You can get CPR and first aid certification online and be able to help in a pinch. First aid comes in handy when you are doing outdoor activities or chores around the house if someone sustains a minor injury, and CPR is essential in saving lives if someone is not breathing. CPR/first aid also helps children, and everyone loves a man that can take care of kids. 

Know Your Way Around a Toolbox

Not everything around the house requires a maintenance specialist. It may be in a man’s best interest to know how to make simple repairs around the house. Fixing toilet seats, putting doors on their hinges, putting together furniture, and hanging pictures and curtains are excellent skills to have to keep your home in order.

Not every man needs to know how to fix appliances or rewire a lamp. There are a lot of things that should be left to professionals. Small items around the home show that you can take care of your space and keep it looking sharp and well-organized. 

Know-How to Sew

You don’t need to be a dressmaker, but knowing how to sew a button on a shirt shows that you know how to take care of your things, and you care how you present yourself to the world.

Being able to fix minor snags and holes in your clothing will keep them looking neat and new, and you won’t have to rely on a tailor for everything with your clothes.

Now that you know the four skills that every man should develop, what will you work on developing?