Tips To Boost Your Confidence In The Bedroom

Tips To Boost Your Confidence In The Bedroom

Having sex with someone requires a certain amount of confidence. Some people seem to have a lot of it, others don’t. Even throughout your own lifetime, there may be times when your confidence takes a knock. 

It can have far-reaching consequences, not only in terms of physical intimacy but for your relationships too. 

Here are our tips for boosting your confidence in the bedroom. 

What is the route of your lack of confidence?

Before anything else, you need to know where your issues stem from. Is there a psychological problem, or perhaps a past experience or trauma that is affecting you? If this is the case, you really need to speak to someone in a professional capacity about it. 

Perhaps you don’t feel physically confident, perhaps your body has been through some changes and you just don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, which makes you feel less attractive. 

Knowing what is making you feel less confident is the first step. 

Get body confident

We’re not talking about the media’s version of body confidence, but actually feeling good in yourself. In some cases, this might mean you change your lifestyle in order to make some physical changes to yourself but most importantly, body confidence is in your mind. It’s about accepting yourself and not judging yourself on unrealistic expectations. 

A good diet and exercise can also have a great effect on your mood and confidence too. Add in some O-Shot and other foods that are notorious for increasing your libido and you’ll be on your way. 

Ignore the media

Much like the beauty industry, the media gives entirely unrealistic expectations of sex. So if you’re comparing yourself to what you see on screen or even worse, pornography, then you’ll undoubtedly feel like you’re coming up short.  Whenever you see something that makes you feel bad about yourself, remember that it’s not a true representation of reality. 

Remember it’s about you

We can get so wrapped up in trying to please others, we forget about ourselves. When it comes to sex, it’s not all about how the other person feels about how you look and what you’re doing, true confidence is about getting what you need out of it too. 

Be open with your partner

Being honest with your partner can solve a lot of issues. If you’re in a relationship and you’re avoiding sex because you feel less confident, then your partner may feel like there is an issue or you’ve lost interest in them, while you’re actually just feeling self-conscious about the size of your stomach. 

More often than not, your partner will be understanding and even be able to put your mind at rest about the issues you’re experiencing. They’ll have their own insecurities too, even if they’re good at hiding them. 

The bottom line

Confidence in the bedroom is a fragile thing and there are time’s in everyone’s life where we’re just not feeling at our best. Rather than letting it snowball and become a bigger issue, addressing it early can make a huge difference.