5 Dangers Of Ignoring Stress

With various causes of stress encompassing every moment of your life, it’s no wonder you might feel like there’s no escape. Still, you could try to ignore stress, hiding it and doing your best to forget about it. This might be a short-term solution, but the long-term implications can be catastrophic. Stress can be more damaging than feeling frazzled after a long week and here are five dangers of ignoring stress. 

It Doesn’t Go Away 

Stress never goes away. Instead, it bubbles under the surface and can manifest in the strangest (and sometimes most awkward) ways. The longer you push your stress down, the worse it will become as the pressure builds until it can’t be contained any longer. By knowing how to reduce stress, you can avoid this, and since everyone is different, you can try a variety of coping techniques that best match your lifestyle, needs, and environment. 

You Will Look For Negative Stress Relief

Eventually, ignoring stress becomes too much for the average (and even above average) person to handle. However, if you don’t have positive stress relief systems, you may turn to other solutions. Substance abuse is a common crutch for people who are too stressed and want something quick and easy to take the edge off, but this can quickly become a damaging habit. For opioid addiction as a result of stress relief, a suboxone clinic can help you overcome any issues before they become too severe.

You Can’t Sleep 

Stress will also impact your nightly routine, making it almost impossible to sleep. It can feel impossible to switch your brain off when you’re stressed, which creates a negative feedback loop where you are too exhausted to do anything the next day, increasing your stress and making it almost impossible to function. A lack of sleep can lead to burnout, which can lead to even more mental health risks.

It Heightens Depression and Anxiety Risks

Depression and anxiety are symptoms of stress and a lack of sleep, and they can wreak havoc on your personal and professional life. While everyone feels a little down or anxious occasionally, ignoring stress can multiply this problem and impact other areas of your life, meaning you don’t spend as much time with others or even get out of bed in the morning. 

Your Career Could Suffer 

Knowing how to handle stress at work is one thing, but your career can still suffer from stress-related issues outside the office. If you come into work having not slept, you will lack the energy and focus you need to do your job, whatever that may be. From office work to construction sites, you need to be alert and aware. If you aren’t, you put yourself and others in danger.


Stress can impact anyone in a multitude of ways. Sometimes, it goes away once you get a change of scenery or the atmosphere calms down, but there’s still the risk of it bubbling under the surface. If you don’t take measures to overcome your stress and learn how to deal with it rather than ignoring it, you can enjoy a healthier and happier life. 

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