8 Tried and Tested Tips for Feeling On Top of the World

There are times when it can feel like we’re just making it through life. We’re not exactly drowning, but we’re hardly thriving either. Those moments are better than when we’re going through an ordeal, but you don’t want them to go on too long. After all, you only get one life in this world (or so we can assume), and it’s important to make the most of our time here.

Existing on cloud nine can sound like a pipedream to many people, but there are things you can do to get there. It’ll take work, but it’s within your grasp. In this post, we’ll look at eight tried and tested tips which, when you put them all together, can put you on top of the world. 

Cut out Bad Habits

The first step is to look at the habits that might be preventing you from feeling your best. If you’re eating a lot of fast food, smoking cigarettes, or consuming too much alcohol, then it’s unlikely that you’ll feel your best. Alcohol, for example, is a depressant that can have a subtly negative impact on your state of mind. 

While it might be a little difficult, it’s worth committing to giving up your vices for at least one month. By the time the month is up, you’ll have a sense of pride and likely feel so good that you’re happy to give them up for good. 

Start Exercising

It can feel a little overwhelming to begin exercising if it’s not something you’ve done before. However, it’s worthwhile pushing through that initial hesitation. Exercising isn’t just good for your physical health; it can also have a huge positive impact on your mental state, too. Speak to anyone who works regularly, and they’ll tell you what a difference it makes to their mood. There’s nothing like working up a sweat! If you’re not confident that you can stick to your own workout routine, look at exercising with other people. Bootcamp workouts will help you achieve your fitness goals in a community-like environment, which can make all the difference. You’ll likely feel great after your first class, and it’ll only get better once the effects of your efforts really begin to kick in. 

Get Out into Nature

Most of us live in urban areas. Yet, while there are obvious advantages to living in cities, they do disconnect us from the great outdoors. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can have a huge benefit to our happiness and anxiety levels. Plus, they’re spaces where we can find our everyday concerns and begin to think big. No matter where you live, you’ll have a nature spot somewhere within easy driving distance, so look at putting on those hiking boots and going for a walk. No one ever regrets taking the time to spend time in nature. 

Invest in Sleep

You might be able to feel on top of the world even when you’re tired, but it’s not likely. Everyone’s more grouchy and a little more negative when they haven’t slept well! If regularly getting a good night’s sleep is something that you struggle with, then look at making some changes to your pre-sleep routine. If you’re staring at your device or otherwise failing to “wind down” before crawling into bed, then it’ll be inevitable that you find it difficult to reach the land of nod. You can also make changes to your bedroom to make it more conducive to sleep.

Stretch Your Body

Life can take quite the toll on your body, especially in an age when we all sit down more often than we should. If you’ve hunching over a computer screen all day, then you’ll be unlikely to feel as good as you can. Once you hit 25, it’s recommended to take up yoga, which will give your body the deep stretch it needs to feel its best. You can do yoga at home by following a YouTube tutorial, but the best effects, look at joining a class. By the time the hour is over, you’ll be walking on air — your body will never have felt so good. 

Daily Gratitude

We tend to think of the things that we don’t have, rather than the things that we do have. And that can lead to a lot of dissatisfaction that stops us from fully enjoying the moment. If you’re continually looking for the next thing to make you happy, then when will you actually be happy? Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal for at least two weeks can have a profound impact on a person’s happiness levels. This is one of the easiest ways to enhance your happiness, since a gratitude entry only takes a few minutes. Another option is to do a guided gratitude meditation. If you ever wake up in a low mood, give it a try — it’s highly likely that you’ll have a smile on your face by the time it’s over.

Make a New Recipe

There are plenty of grand things we can do to boost our happiness. But sometimes, the basic things can have just as much of an impact. For instance, if your life has been a little chaotic, then consider making a new recipe. This is good because it forces you to challenge yourself a little, and plus, once you’re done you’ll have a delicious meal to eat. Look up a recipe that sounds appealing, get in the kitchen, and have some fun creating a new dish. 

Change Your Tech Habits

Finally, it can be worthwhile taking a look at your tech habits. Are you spending too much time staring at your devices? It’s easily done, but your smartphone isn’t really a joyous activity. It’s a bit like watching TV — good for a bit, but not all day. Look at reducing the amount of time you spend looking at your smartphone. In the process, you’ll create space for other things to come to the fore. Who knows what you might achieve when you have more time?

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