Telltale Signs Your Home Isn’t Secure

Everybody should feel safe under their own roof. You have a right to be comfortable and calm wherever you are, and in your home especially, you should feel like it is really your castle and the walls are keeping you safe. Having that nagging feeling that the walls really aren't as safe as you think is no fun. 

In fact, it can make you feel paranoid, and it can make you feel like you shouldn't be in your house anymore if you don't feel safe within it. You need to know what the signs are that your home isn't as secure as you think it is, while you don't need to necessarily throw up commercial railings and deadbolts and huge heavy locks, if that's what you need to feel more secure, then you should do it. It's actually pretty easy to consider the security of your home.It's also easy to think about it before you have any incidents occurring at all. So with that in mind, let's take a look at some of the biggest signs that your home isn't as secure as you think it is.

  • Your spare key isn't as hidden as you think. It's a nice idea to consider putting a key outside your house somewhere for you to find if you get locked out or you forget your other set, but it's not actually a good idea. If you've locked yourself out of the house, or if the power goes out and the garage door won't open, then hiding a spare key seems that's a logical idea, but it's also beneficial to criminals who expect you to behave. That way, instead of hiding a spare key, you should make a point of having your key put somewhere that you are easily able to access it, such as tied to your handbag. You should consider giving your spare key to a neighbor that you trust, rather than keeping it hidden somewhere very obvious.
  • People can see you have expensive belongings. When people are looking for a house to rob, they find their homes that have the expensive belongings available to them. This means finding houses that have the giant TV's visible through the front window, or looking for the car keys that hang by the front door. It's time to start hiding these kinds of things, using blinds or having darkened windows so they can't see inside is important.
  • You haven't thought about the back door. When you make sure everything is locked at night when you go to bed, do you think about your back door? Burglars do. They will often think about the back door because it's often in darkness compared to the front door. You need to make sure that you have lights illuminating your back door and you should ensure that you are able to have that door was locked as you do the front of the house. It’s important that you keep your home secure from all angles.

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