Ian Walsh

As a writer and entrepreneur, Ian Walsh brings a unique perspective to the world. With years of experience covering a wide range of topics, from health and fitness to arts and culture, and a passion for sharing his knowledge with others, Ian's writing is always insightful and thought-provoking.

A Simple Guide to College Student Email Signatures

How Technology Has Changed The Dating Scene

Technology has changed pretty much every aspect of people’s lives, including their dating lives. Whereas would-be daters were once at the mercy of chance meetings and introductions by friends and family, online dating sites have broken the dating world wide open. There are niche dating sites, technology integrations, and even some ghosting going on, all…

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5 High-Risk Sports That Kids Play

Sports are an important part of a child’s education and upbringing. Kids learn teamwork, communication, to accept mistakes and failures, how to handle high-pressure situations, and leadership. Any sport can help accomplish these goals, but some sports are better suited for healthy living than others, and it’s important for parents to consider the risk of…

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Reduce Heartburn and Indigestion In Pregnancy

The Ketogenic Diet and Fertility: 4 Ways the Low-Carb Diet Can Encourage Conception

By Dr. Laurie Steelsmith Author of Growing Younger Every Day: The Three Essentials Steps for Creating Youthful Hormone Balance At Any Age Fertility complications can be one of the most devastating issues a woman—and a couple—can face, leading to profound frustration, dips in self-confidence, and relationship troubles. But the good news is that infertility treatments continue to…

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