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Bellybar Prenatal Nutrition: First Impressions

I have to be honest. Before I received my bellybar products, I was not doing a good job of taking prenatal vitamins.

I am on my fourth pregnancy, and I am not a big fan of the common prenatal horse-pills. And, even though I experienced very little morning sickness this time around, my gag reflex just does not agree with most pills when I am pregnant.

When I received my bellybar prenatals, I was excited for the first time since my first pregnancy to try prenatal vitamins that would not only benefit me and my unborn baby, but that would be tasty and easy to take.

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After a few days of regular use of bellybar prenatal vitamins, I experienced a noticeable difference in my mood and energy level.

My first impression of the products that I received from Bellybar were that they offer a nice variety of choices to meet daily prenatal nutritional needs. My favorites were the Bellybar Boost Nutrition Bars (I liked certain flavors better than others), the Bellybar DHA Soft Chews, and the Bellybar Prenatal + DHA Chocolate Vitamins.

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Bellybar Boost Nutrition Bars

The Bellybar Boost Nutrition Bars make a great snack to carry along in your purse or in the car, or just for a great pick-me-up snack.

They come in 4 different flavors:

  • Lemony Lovey
  • Baby Needs Chocolate
  • Berry Nutty Cravings
  • S'more to Love

As a chocolate lover, I did not particularly enjoy the chocolate varieties. The chocolate didn't taste quite right; Something was a bit off. That being said, I preferred the ‘S'more to Love‘ flavor over ‘Baby Needs Chocolate‘.

My favorite of the nutrition bar flavors was the ‘Lemony Lovey‘, which is delicious enough, with a hint of lemon, to satisfy my craving for sweets in the middle of the day. Coming in at a close second is the ‘Berry Nutty Cravings‘. I would be in heaven if I could have a stash of these two flavors at all times.

Bellybar Prenatal Chewable Vitamins

The Bellybar Prenatal Chewable Vitamins can be helpful for women who are having trouble swallowing pills, but they have a bit of an aftertaste, which can be just as bad when you are experiencing morning sickness or have a strong gag reflex during pregnancy.

If you normally like chewable vitamins, these are a great prenatal choice. They are taken twice daily. I am not a big fan of chewable vitamins, so these are not the best option for me.


Bellybar DHA Soft Chews

Bellybar DHA Soft Chews come in one flavor variety, Valencia Orange, which I think it just amazing! If they were not for twice-a-day use, I would eat them like candy, because they taste like it.

No joke, they taste very similar to a fruity star-burst. These soft chews get 5 stars from me!

They make a great addition to take with any prenatal vitamin that does not include DHA.

Bellybar Prenatal + DHA Chocolate Vitamins

Bellybar Prenatal + DHA Chocolate Vitamins look like little chocolate balls that you chew once daily.

I have tried the vitamins stored on the counter and also stored in the refrigerator. I much prefer these vitamins to be stored in the refrigerator, because I feel it improves the taste a bit.

The chocolate flavor can be a little off-putting if you are used to taking something that tastes a bit more like “real” chocolate. Once I got used to the difference though, I have no problem taking these every day.

They are by far the easiest option for prenatal vitamins in the bellybar line, since they only need to be taken once a day and they include DHA.


I hope that Bellybar will expand it's line of nutritional products in the future to include things such as drink mixes and other snack options.

Overall, I recommend Bellybar products to anyone struggling to take their current prenatal vitamins and who are looking for more prenatal nutrition options.

**Note: I received the products listed above for free for review and was not compensated in any way for the writing of this review.
Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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