Boosting Sales In Your Retail Store

Retail is having somewhat of a revival right now. Statistics and market data from in-store sales are showing an upward trend in the industry. Retail brick-and-mortar stores saw a 3% rise in January 2023, indicating that while many people have turned to online shopping, in the US, consumers are still choosing to head out and shop in person.

As a retailer, being able to capitalize on sales and push products is something of an art form that must be done carefully to avoid having the opposite effect. So, with the good news that people are venturing back out to shop themselves without relying on eCommerce entirely, focusing on boosting in-store sales should be a priority.

This post looks at ways to boost sales in your store and hit your targets.

Reduce Stagnant Inventory

If you've got stagnant inventory that isn't selling but is still taking up space, putting an offer on it can help to shift it and decrease the likelihood of people staying longer and picking up other items while in the store. You can add the items to till points, create signage or displays highlighting the deal, or move it to a more prominent area of the store to increase the chances of it selling. While you might be taking a hit on profits, it can still boost sales and shift stock that would otherwise lose you money.

Improve Displays

If you are serious about improving sales, then using a suitable pop display stand to highlight your product is just as important as the products you put on the shelves, too. The stand should highlight the products and be purpose-built for maximum impact to help you draw attention and pull people toward the stand. You can even design custom kits for your food wares if you make your own items and need a specific type of display for them.

Improve Layout

If your store has a lot going on and people feel claustrophobic and want to get out, it doesn't matter how good your prices and products are. They won't stay shopping for long. The longer people are in your store, the more likely they will be to buy something, so you must ensure the layout is conducive to this purpose.

Look at how people move around your store, where the bottlenecks are, how many stands are in the way of getting around, and what they experience in the store. From here, you can improve the layout, opening up tight spaces, removing displays and shelving if required, or improving the flow from the store to the till and out.


The lighting in your store is essential for making products stand out. If you have display cases for products, you need to use lighting to show off what is in them so they catch people's attention. Eliminate dark corners and ensure you have bright, clear lighting so people can easily find what they are looking for, especially if you have a grocery store; clothing stores can often be complemented with softer, more ambient lighting. This is especially important for customers with additional mobility needs who frequent the store as it can help them have a more effortless shopping experience. You can also use lighting to illuminate shelving and flashing signs for additional promotion internally and externally.

Maximizing retail sales can be simple if you are doing things correctly; enticing people to stay and browse is the hardest part of the job, and from here, you need to ensure you are set up for success.

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