Building A Personal Brand To Boost Your Career

Building A Personal Brand To Boost Your Career

Nike asks the world to “Just Do It”, McDonald’s leave us all “Lovin’ It”, and Apple challenge people to “Think Different”. Over the years, these recognizable and completely unforgettable slogans have set the tone for businesses, communicating exactly who they are in the market. This branding is crucial, but, unbeknownst to many, isn’t just for companies. It’s for employees and entrepreneurs alike too. With that in mind, here are six ways to build your personal brand.

Know Who You Are

Before you can promote who you are, you need to understand exactly who that person is. Take a look at your abilities, strengths, and traits, and figure out what makes you different. There’s likely no shortage of people in your profession, which is why you need to stand out. You should also consider the person you intend to become and present yourself as that person, especially online.

Create A Signature Look

A very simple way to distinguish yourself is to have a unique feature or look. Think of Elton John’s glasses, for example, or Amy Winehouse’s thick cat eye. These consistent statements make the individuals behind them memorable and iconic. Once you have your feature, make sure you invest in personal branding photography. Get snapped with your look and plaster it everywhere.

Share Out Your Knowledge

You may have a wealth of knowledge of your particular field, but, unless you can showcase it, few people will know that you do. For this reason, you should find ways to share your knowledge, such as hosting classes and speaking at events. You can even start guest blogging or start your own blog. As long as you stay consistent, you can build trust and prove yourself to be an expert.

Build Your Own Platform

To make the most of your personal brand, you need a platform on which to share it. With that in mind, you should take the time building your very own website. You should also create pages on the biggest social media accounts, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Use these platforms to share your knowledge and voice and connect with your audience through the comments.

Scrutinize Your Online Presence

Once you put something online, everyone can see it, including any potential employers. In fact, most hiring managers search candidates on Google before they decide to hire them. For this reason, you must make sure that any information you put the web shows you to be the person you hope to portray. If there are any issues, make sure that you delete them as soon as you can.

Building A Personal Brand To Boost Your Career

Always Ask For Recommendations

While you will surely want your audience to trust the image that you put out there, they’re much more likely to believe in an unbiased third party. Because of this, you must remember to ask for recommendations whenever possible. When you have current and former colleagues and bosses fighting your corner, it shows that you’re a person others will want to have around.

A strong personal brand can do wonders for your career, so build yours by following the advice above.