3 Ways To Make Your Blog More Appealing

3 Ways To Make Your Blog More Appealing

If you’re an avid blogger or new to the blogosphere, consistently looking for methods to improve your blog is the right path to take if you want your site to strive towards success.

Amongst other parts of your website, the appeal of your site is essential when you’re trying to both attract and maintain an audience. Therefore time should be spent on changing your blog’s image on a regular basis to increase its engagement.

If you’re wondering how to ramp up your blogs attractiveness, there are 3 points below to read through and use to your advantage to make your blog more appealing.

Images And Video

With an estimated 505 million blogs online in 2018, the competition for readers can be a struggle. To set your website apart from others, why not choose to develop your own authentic images and videos. This will make your site more appealing in comparison to sites that use stock images, which have been planted on multiple sites prior to yours.

For inspiration use the content you’ve written to think about what kind of images you could produce or include to enhance your articles/how-to guides/opinion pieces. For example, if you’re writing about a room in your home you’ve transformed, a before and after picture of the room is essential (people love transformation pictures) this will help to engage your audience.

For demonstrating how you reached a certain level on World of Warcraft, you might decide to capture video on your Mac desktop and embed your unique video on your website. Another advantage of using your own images is people who regularly read blogs will see your site isn’t just another generic content mill produced with little thought, effort, and originality.

Curate Content

There are a few things you can do with your content to make your site more appealing to readers such as;

  • Break up the text into bite size pieces, to allow for easier reading.  You can use spaces, relevant images and videos, subtitles, and quotes to break up the text and add interest to your content too.
  • Maintain a consistent easy to read font throughout your site.
  • Always create original content (check it’s authenticity on Copyscape).
  • Find new angles for talking about old topics, for example ‘how many uses coconut oil has’ will not be appealing to readers if they have read this angle many times before.
  • Create, helpful, regular, useful content for your readers.

Keep It Simple

In consideration of the above, make gradual changes and avoid overhauling your blog in one go. The reason being is making too many changes at once may result in a lot of work you need to try and undo later on. Doing bits and pieces gradually however will be much easier to change back.

Plus take into account your mood at the time of tweaking your blog will affect the images you choose, the font, and the content you write. Sometimes taking a step back and sleeping on your creative choices for your blog will help it to mature.

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Ian Walsh