Connecting With Your Gaming Community

Connecting With Your Gaming Community

No matter how far along you are in your gaming career, one thing is for sure – your community is the most important thing. It is your gaming community that will tune in and what you play for hours, send tips, read your posts and generally cheer for you. 

So something you need to focus on is taking care of them. Nurturing and supporting your community is one of the ways that you can see loyalty and support. 

And a better bottom line too. 

Social media

Be as social as possible – within your personal and professional limits. Social media can be demanding once you have a larger audience – but getting there can be a slog. 

Rather than using social media to spam links for when you are streaming, use it to communicate and engage with other players, streamed, game developers, and gaming events. 

Don’t allow your social media to become a one-sided relationship

Set aside some regular time every day to contribute to the conversations happening in the gaming community. 

Niche Stream

You might want only to stream the newest and most prominent games. But often, the streaming platforms are oversaturated with the latest games. Instead, consider if you have a gaming niche that might be more interesting to viewers. 

When you get a few viewers, ask them the games they want to see – what they are interested in.

Your niche might not become apparent for a short while, but make the most of it when it does. And remember, if you want to play it there will be people who want to watch it. 


What is the value that you offer to subscribers and readers? If they pay to see you play, what can you offer them that goes beyond just that interaction? Consider creating private discord channels or hosting a private server that long-time subscribers can access. Check out Ark server hosting with a free 8-hour trial to make this super simple and accessible for you and your community. 


Streaming and tweeting once a month isn’t going to be enough to keep people engaged with you. You need to show up regularly and set time slots until you have built your audience. You can add extras into the mix once you have dedicated viewers and readers. Until then, though, show up on time every time. This shows that your community can rely on you as a source of entertainment. 


While you can look to PewDiePie and DanTDM as inspiration, you must be yourself when you stream and interact with the community. Let them know who you are and what you bring that is unique or interesting. 

Being authentic is also one of the best ways to get sponsorships and work with brands. They like to see someone fresh and exciting streaming and growing an organic audience. 

Growing a gaming community takes time and effort, and one of the most important things is that you keep at it – even when you have zero viewers and zero readers. 

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