5 Free Summer Activities for Kids

Free Summer Activities for Kids

Author: April Duke

As an unschooling family, we're always learning and don't have scheduled “off” time. I have more traditional homeschooling friends who take the summer off, and some who school year round.

One thing is for sure though, whether you homeschool or unschool, you're probably looking for fun, free things to do this summer! Here are some activities to consider. Some are pure fun, and others will have your kids learning even if they don't realize it.

1. Museums

This one is a no-brainer; knowledge and culture abound in museums. Some museums charge an entrance fee, but many do not. Museums that normally do charge an entry fee may have one day of the week where admission is free. In my city, we have a wonderful science museum that is free on Friday afternoons after 3 p.m. A little investigation on your part can reveal some fantastic opportunities.

2. Splash Pads and Spray Parks

Splash pads, or spray parks, are a wonderful alternative to expensive water parks. A splash pad is a park equipped with fountains throughout and generally has a somewhat cushioned floor.

These fountains spray water high into the air, keeping your kids cool while adding to the fun. They're a great way to learn about one very fun state of matter (liquid) and what happens when you combine it with gravity.

3. Kids Bowl Free

The Kids Bowl Free program offers free bowling coupons, two per day per child, to anyone with an email address. Check the list of eligible bowling centers to find one near you. You might discuss trajectories while lamenting the foot fashions.

4. Camping

Who says you have to rent an RV and a camping spot to have fun outdoors? Setup your tent in your backyard, fill it with s'mores ingredients, and go!

5. Reading Programs

Most libraries have summer reading programs complete with games and prizes. Check out your local library and join in the fun!

Thankfully, you don't have to break the bank to have a fun and educational summer.


Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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  2. By creating a family calendar you can clearly see when everyone is available, which makes it a lot easier to find things to do. Another benefit of the family calendar is that it gives everyone something to look forward to, whilst still maintaining a bit of structure.

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