Gift Ideas For The Healthy Hippie In Your Life

Perhaps there's that one friend of yours who does everything they can to have a healthy Christmas, or they have to have a major debate in order to have a slice of chocolate cake, and these people can be incredibly difficult to buy for during the season of goodwill. If there is someone who is health-conscious in your life, or they pursue alternative practices, read on, and get some inspiration!

A Box Of Crystals

Purchasing a healing crystal subscription box could be what the doctor ordered! A box of crystals that harnesses various energies for specific ailments may very well keep them from visiting the doctor so much! Or, if they are someone who's been trying to expand their spirituality, crystals can provide a fantastic entry point. The healing power of energy is something that cannot be underestimated, and if you're struggling for the ideal Christmas gift that will spark them into a new hippie direction, this might be the answer!

Protein Box!

There are numerous subscription boxes for those who are at the gym constantly. And, when you’ve got that friend who is forever counting their macros, a box of protein may not seem like a fantastic gift, but when they spend so long walking around the supermarket picking up chicken after chicken, this could be the most perfect Christmas gift!

A Blender

Perhaps they are a die-hard smoothie maker and are forever looking for new blends, in which case, getting a blender that pulps their chia seeds, fruits, and vegetables into one smooth liquid can make their life so much easier. Have you ever attempted to make smoothies all the time? If you get the wrong blender it is incredibly frustrating! Always try to get a good blender.

Vegetable Seeds

If they're trying to grow their own garden, a box of seeds may not seem like a fantastic gift, but what you can do is get inspiration from this and give them a whole starter pack. Give them the compost, the grow boxes, and literature, so they can go on the path to self-sustainability. If they've been wanting to do this for so long, either for their health or to benefit the planet, this will be a very useful gift.

A Probiotic Brewing Kit

There is so much talk about the balance of gut bacteria and the impact that probiotics have on our guts that if they are forever buying kefir from the supermarket, surprise them with the gift of kefir brewing kits, complete with seeds, containers, and a proper guide on how to brew this stuff. Or if they are are not able to stomach the idea of sour milk, there are also kombucha kits on sale. 

Whatever the alternative health practices your friend is into, there is a gift for them. You don't need to give them a yoga mat ever again! For those people that are obsessed with fitness, it bleeds into their lifestyle, and you can make life easier for yourself by giving them one of these gifts.