Up The Stream Without A Paddle! Getting By Without Netflix In College

Up The Stream Without A Paddle! Getting By Without Netflix In College

It's a lifeline for most of us, and if you haven't got the money to invest in any form of streaming service when you head off to college, you may very well wonder how you will keep your sanity intact!

Have no fear! It's possible for you to get by without your trusty Netflix when you head to college, and, you never know, you may actually benefit from it…

Get Your Kicks In Other Ways

We may have precious little time for a box set binge anyway, but while we're on our way to class, we could get in a podcast or two. If you don't listen to many podcasts, maybe now is your time, podbean.com have a comprehensive list to get you started.

Some people have found a podcast to be a more intimate media than streaming, and, you never know, this could open you up to a whole new world of entertainment!

Buddy Up With Someone Who's Got It!

If you don't have it, no doubt there's someone who does! And besides, if it becomes a communal activity that everybody sits down to watch the latest 13 Reasons Why, or yet another true crime documentary, you won't have to go without!

And even if you're not technically minded, there's always someone there who might be able to burn a DVD for you. In fact, classroom.synonym.com has a list of instructions on how to do this.

Get Out And Be Social!

It's a little thing, but if you spend so long indoors, then are you actually making the most of your time in college? Maybe this lack of streaming service can be a sign from the fates that you have to go out of your dorm room and interact with other humans.

It's not so bad! In fact, if you're on campus why don't you take advantage of the abundance of opportunities out there? Sure, we like to relax with a box set now and again, but Better Call Saul isn't going anywhere!

Do Some Work

You really didn't think that you'd get away with not doing work this entire time, did you? Why don't you hit the books, at least for a little bit, and then you may not have so much study guilt further down the line? Or on the other hand, if you're studying film, why don't you go to the movies, and you can class it as “research”? It's cheating but in a healthy way.

We can find ourselves glued to our screens so much that college life completely passes us by. But, this is the most amount of opportunities you will get in your youthful years. In which case, surely Netflix can wait a little bit longer!

If you're really desperate to watch something, you can get on YouTube, or, how about this, why don't you read a book? But, we can get by without Netflix in college. Hey, people managed to get by without televisions decades ago and they turned out alright!

Ian Walsh