Good Health is Free

When you think of getting healthy, you typically think gym membership, weight loss programs, and special diet foods. That can run into the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a month. Few can really afford that. What you tend to forget is the generally good heath is free.

What is Good Health?

Good health can vary from one person to another but overall it is being at a reasonably healthy weight with good exercise and healthy food being taken in. Consistent exercise is important for good health. A diet typically high in fruits and vegetables and needed protein sources is part of good health. Avoidance of too much sugar, fat, or high cholesterol foods is part of a good healthy lifestyle.

How is it Free?

Don’t you have to spend a fortune to be healthy? You can. But you don’t have to. Let’s look at it piece by piece.

  • Exercise – Gyms cost a fortune. Exercise equipment can cost an arm and a leg. You can spend an entire paycheck on videos and CDs. These can help you. I can’t deny that. But you don’t have to have them to be healthy. They can just help you get there faster. If you stop and think about it, you can come up with dozens of ways to exercise for free. You might have to shell out money for good walking shoes. That might be the extent of your expenses.
    • Walk – You don ‘t have to spend money to walk. Take the dog for a walk. Walk to the park. Walk to work. Every chance you get, walk. Park farther from the store door and walk to it. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. All this activity adds up.
    • Run – Running can be done the same as walking. Take a run in the neighborhood or with the dog.
    • Dance – You don’t have to know how to dance to do this. But if you do, great. You’ll more out of it then. Turn on the music and just let yourself loose. You’ll be surprised how many calories can be used just by dancing. You might embarrass your children, but that is okay. They’ll get over it in a few years with therapy. J
    • Swim – If you live near public lakes and rivers, you don’t have to pay for this. Otherwise, you can pay a minimal amount to use hotel pools or school pools. There is always somewhere to take a dip and swim.
    • Hike – This takes walking to a whole new level. With this, you go further than your neighborhood. You venture into the woods and the hills. You are challenged with the terrain and distance.
    • Housework – Yes, housework doesn’t cost you a thing, needs to be done, and is exercise.
    • Bike riding – If you have a bike, take it for a ride. Venture into the country side. Find bike trails. Enjoy the outdoors.
    • Jump rope – If you have a jump rope around, try it. Professional athletes use this exercise tool.
    • Meals – You don’t have to buy specially prepared food. You can do it yourself with just a little time set aside. What you are buying with those special programs is the preparation. Take that out of the picture and do it yourself. There are frozen vegetables that can be steamed in the microwave for a quick and healthy side dish. Make your meals in advance and freeze them or refrigerate them. Use lean meats, fresh vegetables when you can, and fruit as your sweet tooth satisfier. There are many free meal planning resources online to help you.
    • Supplements – Some people will tell you that you can’t obtain good health without supplements. Now, I have to admit that supplements have a place in a healthy diet, but don’t force yourself to declare bankruptcy because you spent so much on supplements. They are not that crucial. They can help and booster your health plan, but they are not the foundation of it. Only use them when you can afford them and only use the ones you absolutely have to have.


Health tools are great when you can afford them. But they are not needed to obtain better health. Start off with all the free stuff around you. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it will make.






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