Top 5 Myths About Manifestation

Top 5 Myths About Manifestation

Manifesting can be a lot of fun, but you must know that you must put time and effort into learning how it works. But there are a lot of myths about manifestation floating around the internet.

When you run into difficulty, when you consider giving up, when you decide that it does not work, it means only one thing. It is because you haven't fully learned and practiced these principles that you can't manifest what you desire. It takes a lot of passion to learn how to manifest and to have fun while you do it.

There are a lot of myths in the world about manifesting, so let's break them right now.

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5 Myth About Manifestation You Should Be Aware Of

My only requirement for attracting what I want is positive thinking

Myth number one and the most limiting concept for manifesting your desires. Think positive and you will achieve your goals. We hear it all the time.

But after spending a lot of time thinking positively, nothing happens. In order to change what you attract or how you attract it, positive thinking is insufficient to modify your internal blueprint.

You Can Achieve Your Goals By Creating A Vision Board

Using a vision board can help you stay focused. Additionally, vision boards help you to trigger your unconscious mind, but they don't accomplish much on their own. You may wait a very long time if you think that your vision board is the only tool you have for manifesting the life you want.

In order to manifest your desires, you must first visualize them

Despite your best efforts, you do not manifest what you desire. You've wanted many things in your life, but they just haven't manifested themselves. In order to manifest, you need to go beyond mere desires.

As a matter of fact, the more you want the more you continue to manifest more reasons to want. Wanting is a sure way of remaining stuck. You do not manifest what you want, you manifest what you become.

Visualization is All I Need

Sure visualization is the most precious manifesting tool. However, so few people understand the real secrets to visualization. Visualization is also meant to take you into the creative worlds where manifesting takes place.

If you simply close your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes then expect to find what you desire waiting for you then you are mistaken. The soul needs to travel into the Secret Worlds in order to manifest.

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Manifestation is up to you

As the creator of your reality, you are one of the most powerful people to ever have lived. You can manifest whatever you want, but there's one thing you've got to know. Everything and everyone is connected to you, you're not alone.

As a member of the God force, you are part of it all. You need to honor the God force in everything and everyone before you can manifest what you want. Second, you've got to realize everyone and everything is working for you and with you.

However, your lack of understanding keeps you from seeing it. There is nothing worse than getting stuck when you curse the very thing getting you there in the first place.

Ian Walsh