Holiday Gifts for the Soldier’s Family

One of the greatest advantages to homemade gifts is the ability to personalize them.  If you are a military family or you know someone in the military, why not use some old uniforms to make a unique gift this holiday season?

I'm sure you have all seen the purses and bags made from military uniforms.  They use the pockets and velcro strips already on the blouses to make great visual effects.  You can display a name tape or the branch of the military you want to represent.

However, there is no limit to the ways you can use old BDU's and ACU's in your craft projects.  Just the other day in my local quilt shop I came across the book Deploy that Fabric that highlights different projects you can make with camouflage:

When you are making gifts, think about who is on your list that might enjoy a personalized military-style present.  Your husband's mother might enjoy a stocking made from her son's uniform to hang on the mantle each year.  Maybe your niece or nephew would enjoy a tote bag.  Babies can have a piece of daddy's camo on their blanket or changing pad!

Here are some great projects that could easily incorporate camouflage:

Do you have a unique hand-made gift that you would like to share?  It could be made in your kitchen or your craft room!

Aadel Bussinger

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