How Does a Coffee Enema Work?

According to USA today, 83 percent of adults drink coffee. Of these people, many do not understand the concept of coffee enemas, neither do they know of its benefits.

Since people do not really understand how a coffee enema works it is understandable why it's met with skepticism and fear. There are many health benefits of coffee enemas, but how does a coffee enema work?

What is a Coffee Enema?

Coffee enema is taking a dose of coffee through the rectum instead of through the mouth. The coffee is administered into the rectum in its liquid form via the use of a rectal catheter.

It is then retained for some minutes so it can be absorbed into a very essential blood network known as the enterohepatic circulation. This is a special network of blood vessels that sends blood and its contents straight from the lower bowels right up to the liver for detoxification.

By administering the coffee through the rectum, it is absorbed into the enterohepatic circulation and sent straight to the liver where it will exert its effects.

What Does a Coffee Enema Do in the Body?

Once a coffee enema is successfully absorbed into the blood stream, it goes to liver where it begins to a take effect through the following actions:


Caffeine contained by coffee is a very strong detoxifier. It helps the detoxification processes in the liver by causing the liver to produce more bile than it would normally do. Bile contains processed toxins.

Both the bile and its contents are then passed into the intestines so they can be eliminated via the digestive system. By removing large quantities of toxins via bile, the liver has more space to process toxic substances from the other parts of the body.

Coffee also contains alkaloid substances which promotes the production of an enzyme called glutathione-S-transferase by the liver. This is the enzyme that is needed by the liver in order to run detoxification pathways.

Colon Health

A Coffee Enema promotes colon health. It can heal the mucous membrane and eliminate some toxins found in the colon like bacteria and parasites.

Reduction of Constipation

Coffee enema stimulates the colon and causes it to dilate, this allows for trapped gas and substances to pass through, relieving constipation.

  • Reduction of pain especially of the joints
  • Acts on the nervous system to ease depression
  • Increases mental activity
  • Reduces autointoxication by the toxins that are produced by the body

Administering a Coffee Enema

Administering a coffee enema is not difficult, you need the following:

  • An enema bucket
  • Enema tubing or catheter with a clamp
  • Coffee solution

It is recommended that you first clear your bowels before administering the coffee solution. The solution should be body temperature and not hot. The enema bucket is filled to the ¼ or ½ region with the tube attached.

Lay down on a flat surface in the bathroom. When you are in position you can lubricate the tube with olive or coconut oil before inserting it gently into the rectum.

The clamp on the tube should be closed during this action. When the tube is in place, elevate the enema bucket and unclamp the tube to gently let in the coffee solution. Adjust the height of the bucket to control the flow of the solution into the rectum.

When all the solution has passed, remove the tube from the rectum and retain the solution for 12-20 minutes before relieving yourself on the toilet. It can be some time before all the liquid has been completely relieved.

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS