Nature Inspired Home Decor Ideas that are Trending Now

For those of us who work at home, or others who may be happily retired, the home is our workspace, our living space, our brainstorming space. How can we strive to make this space as idealized for our personal interests as possible, without spending a lot of money?

Particularly for students with limited means, or older adults in retirement who may be looking for some extra activities on the side, recreating your indoor living space is now easier than ever.

In this current state of advanced technology, doing so is easy, and offers several unique options that might not have been available only a few years ago.

No matter the natural element you strive to bring more of into your life, there are household furnishings, decorations, and landscaping options in order to fulfill that deeply-innate human need to be one with nature.

Water Element

Outdoor fountains and ponds have always been commonplace when it comes to expensive households– but now, having one installed for yourself is more in-reach, as well as affordable, while the options become more widespread.

Not only will you be inviting the sounds of rippling water into your home and yard, but having a pond or other water source thriving naturally in your backyard opens doors to other related aspects: fish ponds, duck ponds, the invitation to other wildlife such as birds and deer, when they’re looking for a quick drink.

For a family with young children, what’s more magical than glancing out the back window to find a doe and her fawn taking a break on the grass?

Air Element

Whether you’re searching for ways to bring more fresh air into your home, or you simply want more opportunity to spend time outside (in a controlled environment, particularly concerning those with less mobile older adults or young children in the home!), the popular rise in sunrooms may just be your answer.

Not only are you now able to enjoy the benefits of a sunroom year-round, even during the cold months, but having a room dedicated solely to enjoying the sunshine and fresh air (while staying warm, if need be!) goes further than just having a place to sit and read.

Sunrooms allow for indoor gardens, a secure place to lay and work on your tan, as well as an area for a pet to relax if they’ve been cooped up in the house all winter.

On top of all that, remember the mental picture of spotting the doe and her fawn drinking from your in-ground pond through the back window? Now, imagine standing only a few feet away from her, witnessing it from the porch!

Earth Element

Granite countertops have been common in the kitchen-design market for as long as we can remember, but only recently have more and more uncommon stones been utilized in their design.

While everyone recognizes the standard granite designs, what about lava rock? Have you ever heard of Black Marinace Granite, otherwise known as “riverbed stone,” which takes on the appearance of exactly what you’d see upon gazing over the bank of a river?

And, of course, granite is not limited to only counter and tabletops. It’s also common to incorporate the stone slabs into other rooms of the house, including the living room in the fireplace, the bathroom with the vanity, or even in the backyard with an outside bar.

Fire Element

Speaking of fireplaces, they’re more than just pits with chimneys, now. No longer reserved for only red brick or white granite, interior decorators everywhere are finally taking their creativity out on the faces of fireplaces.

Now they’re being tied into the rest of the room, matching with the drapes, the couches, the lampshades, all of which include bright splashes of color that otherwise haven’t been as popular in interior-design pasts. Whether it be through natural stones, paint, tiles, what have you, more and more are fireplaces opening up to being customizable.

The easiest way to change the atmosphere of your home into something more natural and Earthy, is by utilizing actual Earthy elements into the design.

And so, whether it be exchanging your lacquered dinner table for a more rustic, unfinished wood, or exchanging your gas fireplace with a wood-burning one, with the evolution of technology, safety standards, and opportunities to roll up your own sleeves and doing the dirty work yourself, in today’s society it’s easier than ever to return to the earth without ever needing to pitch a tent.

Whether you’re young or old, working or studying, interior design is at your fingertips, offering you the opportunity to really make your home just for you!

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

2 thoughts on “Nature Inspired Home Decor Ideas that are Trending Now

  1. I really like that ‘air element’ image
    We don’t really do ‘sun rooms’ here in Australia but i can see why people in cooler climates do.
    A nice place to sit and relax and take in the outside

  2. I’m also new to the concept of ‘sun rooms’ but I definitely see the benefits for the families living in cooler climates. Great home decors roundup!

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