How to Make Garlic Oil for Natural Remedies

Because it is so easy to make, garlic oil is a great natural remedy for beginners. By infusing fresh garlic with oil, you can get all of garlic's natural healing benefits in an easily applicable form.

Garlic has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibiotic properties that can help fight infection. It has been used for both food and medicine for thousands of years. Several historical figures, including Hippocrates, mention the use of garlic for a variety of ailments, everything from parasites to poor digestion.

When learning how to make garlic oil for natural remedies, make sure that you obtain the freshest garlic possible and organic if it's available. Your local farmer's market is perfect for finding fresh garlic, but most grocery stores with good produce carry acceptable garlic year round.

How to Make Garlic Oil

For this recipe, you'll need a small glass container with a lid.



Warm the oil slightly in a pan on the stove (not hot, just enough that it's warm to the touch.)

Put the oil and garlic in the container together and put on the lid. For best results, let the oil and garlic infuse overnight for use the next day. If you are needing a quick remedy, you can use some of the oil in 2-3 hours.

When ready to use, use your finger to rub the oil around the outside of the ear or on the infected area. You may also use your finger to rub some at the entrance to the ear and allow one or two drops to enter the ear canal.


Now that you've learned how to make garlic oil, use the oil to treat ear aches and infections by rubbing the oil around the outside of the ear (or on the skin where the infection is present). A drop or two can also be placed inside the ear.

I have used this remedy to treat many “oncoming” ear infections. However, if you do not see an improvement or the pain/infection worsens, I recommend contacting your physician.

Don't want to make your own?

Try an oil of garlic formula.

** This in no way constitutes medical advice.

Have you Tried Garlic Oil?


Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

71 thoughts on “How to Make Garlic Oil for Natural Remedies

  1. This sounds so easy. Two questions. Once I make it, how long will it last? and How do I store it (fridge, counter top, etc)? Thank you

    1. Ashley, I wish I could answer how long it lasts. I stored mine on the counter and only needed it briefly, as ear infections and such don’t happen often here. I’m sure it’d be fine in the fridge. I imagine it could keep at least a couple of months. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    2. Hi Ashley, I would store it in the fridge and use within 7-10 days. There are reported cases of botulism (food poisoning) with garlic-in-oil when kept at room temperature or for too long!

        1. I would imagine just from eating it. For skin use, it would probably be okay to keep it longer. To avoid the risk, definitely keep it out of the heat/light/sun (like don’t leave the container on the windowsill).

      1. Thanks. I will try it with my bulldog who gets a lot of ear infections and the vet would have him on antibiotics constantly. He doesn’t need them anymore than I do.

        1. oh man. .really? a pet on antibiotics? animals are NOT supposed to use them for one, secondly it’s most likely viral or a food allergy . .get that dog away from that vet and get him on a raw diet or at least grain/soy/corn/dairy free

          1. He’s 4 and has always been grain,corn,soy and dairy free with occasional raw thrown in and homemade chicken broth. He’s just susceptible to ear irritation which I treat holistically, usually with colloidal silver. I just hate to see him miserable 🙁

      1. They were using olive oil which stays liquid at room temps. But I think coconut oil would work fine; if the room temp is below 76 degrees then put it on a heating pad, near a lamp, on a stove that has a pilot light, on the hot water heater, or even sleep with it (maybe put the jar in a zip lock bag just in case the lid comes loose!).

  2. Hello! Thank you for posting this. I was wondering if you find this to maybe cure an infection? My daughter had one and the first round of antibiotics didn’t work and she ended up with a double infection. She is finishing up the second round of antibiotics and I am desperate to treat something more naturally! Allergies run in the family and I’m so hoping. I’ve hear vinegar and rubbing alcohol also. My mother used this recipe you posted to soothe our pain, but I can’t recall if it’s likely to heal… although, I know garlic is a natural antibiotic. I just want my baby well again.

    1. Vinegar and alcohol are for swimmers ear, garlic oil is for regular ear infections. Dogs who eat garlic will become sick over time from their kidneys or liver shutting down. I don’t. remember which. You should research it on the internet. There are several foods we eat that are toxic to them. Some kill them fast and some slower.

  3. This works great. My children have had ear infections before and I have never used an antibiotic. No way was I going to start that vicious cycle. Even if you have though, try and catch things early and use garlic oil in the ears! IT works amazingly quick for us. Also fortify their immune systems with whole foods, no sugars and think about taking milk out of the diet, unless its raw milk possibly.

  4. I know that this is about ear aches and infection but I wanted to let people know that for our 2yr. old when she has a fever, even up to 103-104, we put the infused garlic oil on the bottom of her feet and put socks on her before she goes to bed and her fever is always gone way down if not completely gone.

  5. Love love love this information! I know this is what I used for years with my son especially, because he suffered from severe ear infections when he was little (just like me). Garlic oil worked for years until he was taken to the ER without me for an ear infection, where they gave him medications that ultimately lead to mild hearing loss. Somewhere in the middle of those horrible doctor’s visits, I got yelled at by a nurse for using garlic oil prior to all the major troubles. But the garlic oil never lead to major problems like the drugs did, so I realize her reaction was that of a trained drug-pusher. To those using it as a treatment, good for you! I have found that medical professionals rarely have an understanding of herbal or natural treatments, thus are not qualified to give advice either way about them.

  6. I like to use the garlic infused oil as an antibiotic, when a cough tries to start. My neighbor uses it on her fingernails as a moisturizer.

  7. I have a terrible ear ache right now and I’m determined to stay away from the doctor!! I can’t wait to get home and make this!! All this sinus pressure and pain has caused so much trouble for me!!

  8. My 6 year old son has searches in both ears and I am waiting for health insurance to be active. I am going to try the garlic remedy today and hope for the best. So far in my research garlic proves the best remedy.

  9. While I agree with garlic oil for external ear infections when there is no danger of a perforated ear drum I cannot endorse it for inner ear infections. Nor should it be used in the ear canal if there is any possibility of eardrum having perforated. That will damage the delicate inner ear and cause deafness. Usually you can tell if perforation has happened when there is severe pain accompanied by pussy discharge. The pressure inside inner ear can rupture the eardrum. Taking garlic oil by mouth will help support the immune system very well in older children and adults. Inner ear infections happen when the eustachian tubes become blocked due to illness or allergy. This gives an excellent place for bacteria and viruses to cause pain and inflammation. Opening the eustachian tubes with steam (infused with aromatics or not) inhaled several times a day works well unless child is too small or too ill to co-operate. The hot water can severely scald a small child. Garlic oil, like raw honey, should not be given to children under two, that includes putting it on body parts likely to get into the mouth, due to the risk of botulism. I am a practising herbalist so I use many natural remedies, many of which I grow myself and produce at home. I am very careful to make sure the people using my products are knowledgeable of the pro’s and cons before they go ahead and when in doubt refer them to a physician.

    1. Hi Kathleen. Absolutely, nobody should take my blog as medical advise and should seek the advice of a physician at their own discretion. Do you have any links/evidence to your claim that garlic oil use with a perforated ear drum will cause deafness? I’m curious. Thanks.

  10. I’m worried my garlic oil went bad!!!
    I started with severe pain from an ear infection Friday night. Saturday about 2pm I made the olive oil with garlic and started applying and using a heating pad trough out the next 2 days. Monday night about 8pm I was 80% better and had more of pressure than pain. My pain level was about a 9 Saturday and Sunday. My snot had cleared out no longer being green. I still applied one more Monday night about 11pm just to keep it away. Now Tuesday about 2pm my pain started again and now at 6pm I have the chills from the pain and it’s back to almost a 9.
    I never taught to store the oil in the fridge. I had been keeping it on my bathroom counter and I keep my house at 73°-75 °
    I’m so afraid now that by not storing it correctly I just did more damage to my ear and could cause serious damage.
    Do any of you think that I used spoiled oil? Could it just be a stubborn ear infection?

    1. I’m sorry Ana. I would think if the garlic was bad it would either be moldy or smell nastier than just plain garlic. It sounds like you just have a nasty ear infection. Might we worth a trip to the doctor if things are getting worse.

  11. I’ve always made my own infused garlic oil. I use it for cooking. I use it for growing hair faster and to stop hair shedding in its tracks. I use it for nail fungus – just rub it on infected nails and it heals them overnight. I also use slices of garlic in my polish to make my nails grow fast, long and strong.

    1. Hi, this sounds amazing!
      Can you please tell me specifically how you use the infused garlic oil for each purpose (hair growth, hair shedding & anti-fungul use for the hair as well – as in the amount, how to apply, done overnight, how often…etc.?)
      Also, do you infuse the garlic in a certain manner any differently from the way it’s generally done?

      Thanks in advance for your much needed & helpful advice!


  12. Hi Vanessa

    thanks for this recipe

    i usually buy the ready-made garlic oil for therapeuitc purpose

    tonight 3 of my kids were down with fever and i am out of garlic oil

    so i have no choice but to make it on my own

    i cannot wait untill 3-4 hours prior to using it

    can i increase the garlic quantity instead of waiting overnight/hours before using?

    please advice

    thanks in advance <3

  13. I’ve used this many times and most of the time it works wonderfully. The two times it hasn’t worked one was a busted eardrum and the second was due to strep. If it doesn’t work within the first or second time then you should see a doctor.

  14. I didn’t know garlic oil can cure ear aches and infection. I am suffering from ear aches from very long time as I experience these aches once or twice times in every six months. So, I never bother for this but that pain is unbearable.

    From this time I’ll try to use garlic oil as you mention, thanks.

  15. Another great remedy for earaches is to get an onion and cut it in half and heat one of the halves till it is warm,
    cover with a cloth and hold next to the ear or on the ear. Repeat this through out the next couple of days and it should
    take care of the earache.

  16. Great tip thanks.

    Tried it and it eased my pain a bit.
    I would just like to add if anyone tries it and you are putting it on late in the evening, take a towel to bed with you for your pillow.

    When I used it, I got up in the morning and my pillow stunk of garlic, took a couple of days of airing before it went away.

  17. Such garlic-oil is well know in my family for years, and it is really good and natural cure! What’s more we’re using it as a garlic flavor to some pizza dough, it can be also used as spice to some salads etc. It’s both healthy spice/flavor and a cure in one!

  18. Tried using it warm as suggested but it was a bit uncomfortable.
    I found it a lot more soothing after leaving it in the fridge for a couple of hours then applying it.

  19. Hi has any one tried to use garlic infused oil to fight mosquitos? Also how do you use it for allergies or sinus infections. Does anyone have a recipe I may have?

    1. On a recent trip to Italy I had a couple of mosquito bites and my Italian friend rubbed garlic juice from a cut clove onto the bite and the itching went away immediately and the bite disappeared within a day! Amazing! Normally I would have had them for two weeks and they would have been painful and then scarred my skin.

  20. I made this earlier in the day it works awesome warm now that it’s cold and it’s been quite a few hours do I reheat it and use it hot every time ? are you supposed to use a cold ? and if you put Vicks around your ear and this inside your ear and with a clove of garlic Peel the garlic cut it find A clove that would fit your ear hole put Olive oil around it make little slice the part that you caught flat with put all of oil around it put in the microwave for a couple of seconds until warm At the garlic clove in your ear don’t put too far and if it gets stuck you can take it out with tweezers it doesn’t last for very long pain relief But it helps in the beginning as you’re waiting for the garlic oil
    All of the things honestly help a lot take I have to take some Tylenol it was just to much to handle and put a warm cloth or just a Nice soft tower on the ear that hurts Lie on the ear that Hurts and try to go to sleep as all of this is in your ear and you will sleep or wake up better when you wake up it might start hurting a little bit but then I’m pretty sure I could redo everything again and I’ll be hundred percent gone Make sure you keep your body hydrated Even if you’re not sick You don’t necessarily have to be sick to get an ear ache you could have it from lack of sleep sinus allergies Muscle tension in your shoulder to your neck

  21. Sorry if there’s spelling errors I just realized I didn’t read it my ear hurts and I just pulled this put

  22. This may be a stupid question, but I was wondering if you could substitute garlic powder for the clove of garlic? It’s just all I have on hand and I don’t feel like going to the store with this earache if it can be avoided.

  23. When we were injured on the skin, first I think we should clean and sterilize with povidine, etc. Then
    we can use garlic oil. But I have a question: what exactly substances in garlic can fight infection?

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