How To Make Your Patients Feel Comfortable In Your Waiting Room

How To Make Your Patients Feel Comfortable In Your Waiting Room

If you are a business owner or office manager and your company provides services to others, a high volume of people come in and out of your office. To accommodate their needs and keep them busy while they inevitably wait (not too long, of course) for you to see them, you need to have some items of entertainment value in the waiting room. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading.

For the Kids:

  • High-Value Shows – Of course, you already know that children are exposed to a lot of screen time in today’s world. However, do not let that deter you from installing a TV in your waiting room. You are providing an opportunity when you choose to stream quality programming instead of mindless entertainment. The opportunity lies in giving kids an enjoyable show such as the Wiggles channel that will teach them about friendships and kindness, among other happy topics. 

The bonus is that they will have something fun that will keep them occupied even if they end up waiting longer than expected. Their parents will appreciate the distraction, and so will your staff.

  • Activities – When deciding what type of things to place in your waiting room for kids, there is always the concern for pieces getting lost or unintended damage to occur. With this in mind, consider installing wall-mounted interactive games that include mazes and puzzles.
  • Add a low and accessible bookshelf (be sure to attach it to the wall for safety) and fill it with activities. Include items such as bins of coloring crayons and blank and single coloring pages in various genres placed in office trays for easy access. Stock the shelves with small crates of building blocks and magnetic building toys.
  • Place a small table and chairs set near the bookshelf to give the kids their own place to play and create.

For the Tweens and Teens:

  • Books and Magazines – Add some floating wall shelves above the kids’ bookshelf. Use this space to curate a collection of books that tweens and teens will enjoy. Look online or inquire at your local library for book ideas. Include a few magazine files with titles they will appreciate.
  • USB Ports and Extra OutletsYour office waiting room will always be a hit with this age group when you provide USB plug-ins and accessible outlets. You can easily change your current outlet to one that has an integrated USB plug. Having a power strip and extra USB cords on hand will be helpful, too.

For the Adults:

  • Seating – Whether the adults in your waiting room are there for themselves or as chaperones to their family members, they will want to be comfortable. And, that comfort begins with where they sit. Select seating that is enjoyable to spend time in and gives good body support.
  • LightingOpt for lighting that is effective enough to fill out paperwork without the need to squint yet comfortable to spend time in. Overhead lights and focused lighting on end tables are a nice touch.

Watch this video for ideas on how to create the perfect waiting room.


You are in business to help others. Part of that process is making them comfortable. That sense of comfort begins in the waiting room. Follow one or all of these tips to create a welcoming environment.