How to Manage a Team with No Experience

How to Manage a Team with No Experience

Learning to manage a team is among the most challenging things you can do with no experience. But it is vital you learn quickly if you are to run your own small business efficiently. With some vital team management tips, you can get off to a great start with your new venture.

Use Team Management Software

One of the best tools you have as a new manager is team management software. Apps such as Monday, ClickUp, and Trello are excellent for this. Most have mechanisms for improving workflows, collaboration, and remote work. Yet some also have features for managing HR tasks such as rotas, meeting schedules, and even managing complex payroll systems such as when employees accrue overtime. These can be hard to learn at first, but they make a difference.

Take a Leadership Role

You don’t have to be your employees’ best friend. But it can make a massive difference to their productivity and overall sense of teamwork by taking on a leadership role. Being approachable and encouraging your team will boost their morale and make them want to be there. You can also work with individual team members on their strengths and weaknesses. This will help reassure your team that you are committed to their development, well-being, and welfare.

Manage a Team with Meetings

Most people don’t like them, and it is estimated that $37 billion per year is lost when they aren’t productive. However, communication is essential. The key is to schedule meetings only when it is necessary. Unnecessary meetings decrease individual focus but also have a morale-boosting effect on a team. This is why it can be better to hold meetings on an ad-hoc basis rather than scheduling them weekly. And don’t forget to include remote workers via video or audio calls.

Make the Objectives Clear

A mismanaged team with no clear direction can be a disaster. In the end, the work you have in mind won’t be done or will be done to a very poor level. The recent release of Bethesda’s Redfall video game is a perfect example where the objective of the project wasn’t clear. It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone knows what they are working towards, individual expectations, and setting goals and milestones. Open and clear communication is key to this.

Be Mindful of the Work-Life Balance

The past few years have been good for recognizing the role of mental and physical health in the workplace. All your team members have different lives, and all have specific needs. This is why it is vital to have respect for the work-life balance. Not all staff can come into the office all the time. It helps to offer remote work and flexible hours. But you can also allow extra time off, organize team outings, and offer mental well-being and physical fitness classes at the office.


You can manage a team with no experience. It is hard. But it is easier if you use team management apps, hold meetings when necessary, and promote a good work-life balance.

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