Natural Pregnancy Week 11

Don't be surprised if you're experiencing a bit more energy and and an increased appetite during this week of pregnancy. It can mean a couple things:

For one, if you've been experiencing nausea or morning sickness during this pregnancy, it may be finally starting to fade. This is likely because your hormones are leveling off a bit.

The second reason is that all of the resources your body has been using to rapidly create a new human being may be a little less in demand at this point in your pregnancy.

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As you approach the second trimester of pregnancy, you'll likely return to at least some form of normalcy as far as energy levels go. Most women experience another dip in energy levels in the third trimester as their bodies prepare for labor.

If you feel like eating more, you will still want to take caution in eating. With increased appetite during this time of pregnancy sometimes comes increased constipation and heartburn.

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If heartburn is an issue for you, read Heartburn and Indigestion During Pregnancy.

Your Baby's Development

This week your baby is just under 2 inches long, which is about the size of a fig. All of your baby's parts are nearly fully formed and he or she is starting to more and more resemble a miniature newborn.

At this point, you could count your baby's individual fingers and toes. No more webbed hands and feet!

Your darling is now kicking and stretching on a regular basis, though you won't be able to feel any of these movements for another month or two.

Other Developments this Week:

  • Tiny tooth buds are beginning to form
  • Ears are nearly in their final shape
  • Your baby has visible nipples now
  • Your baby has growing hair follicles and fingernails
  • If it's a girl, she now has ovaries

Nutrition During Pregnancy

As your appetite increases, it's important that you learn how to properly eat to sustain your body and your baby.

If you are seeing a doctor or obstetrician during pregnancy, you  may receive little to no nutritional counseling, or even conflicting nutritional advice.

One thing is for sure, pregnancy is not the time to limit your intake of nutritious foods. You should worry less about the scale and more about getting plenty of good calories to sustain your baby's growth and the many changes your body is going through.

I recommend the Brewer Diet which has been studied and shown to reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes, pregnancy hypertension, and preeclampsia.


If you're interested in understanding how nutrition impacts your pregnancy and breastfeeding, I recommend the book Beautiful Babies – nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and baby's first foods.

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

2 thoughts on “Natural Pregnancy Week 11

  1. As a doula of nearly 20 years the Brewer Dirt is AMAZING. Many clients have used it and I’ve seen a reversal in risks and symptoms of preeclampsia. I’ve also seen moms who have had it in their other pregnancies NOT when using the Brewer Diet. It is really amazing. Great post!


    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience Honey. Absolutely, I recommend the Brewer Diet hands down. I used it for my last two pregnancies with wonderful results (I suffer from low blood sugar, especially during pregnancy, and this diet worked amazingly well for that. Plus, I had zero signs of gestational diabetes or high blood pressure, which amazes doctors since I am a plus size and have had 4 babies.)

      Again, thanks for sharing. I love to hear other experiences with the Brewer Diet!

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