Natural Pregnancy Week 9

Though you may not look pregnant yet, you probably feel it. The onset of pregnancy fatigue is common at this point for a couple of reasons:

For one, your metabolism is increasing as it constructs the placenta, the organ that will nourish and sustain your baby for the remainder of your pregnancy. Secondly, your hormones are changing rapidly. These two changes can cause a slight decrease in your blood sugar and blood pressure throughout the day, causing you to feel tired. You probably feel as if you have a lot less stamina these days.

Don't worry if these symptoms have escaped you. It doesn't mean that anything is wrong with your body or your baby. If you are one of the women who isn't experiencing negative symptoms of pregnancy yet, enjoy it.

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Your Baby's Development

Your baby is about the size of an olive this week, and has grown almost an inch since last week. Pretty much all of your baby's body parts are formed, so this week your baby is forming miniature muscles.

The heartbeat may be audible by doppler this week. Just make sure you read up on the risks of doppler use before you give your doctor the okay to use this technology. There are alternatives, such as the use of a fetoscope.

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Scheduling Your First Appointment

It's time to start thinking about what you will do about prenatal care, including what options and providers are available in your area, such as midwives, general practitioners, or obstetricians.

Some providers will want to see you right away and some will want to wait until several weeks after your missed period. Call your chosen provider and ask when you should schedule your first appointment, and what you can expect at your first appointment.

If you aren't sure what kind of prenatal care you want, I recommend speaking with a local doula. A doula will be able to listen to your wishes and concerns and make suggestions based on your individual needs.

You can also ask to interview a few different providers before you make your choice. Write down a list of questions you want to ask each doctor or midwife and take it with you. And remember, you are hiring them to serve you. You have no obligation to them, and you can switch providers at any time. This is YOUR pregnancy and birth, not theirs.

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