Parents And Teachers – The Keys To Early Development

Parents And Teachers - The Keys To Early Development

When children start to write, they are highly motivated, but they encounter difficulties over time, and their learning can stagnate. It is essential that reading and writing are fun activities for them. Learning to write is a very complex activity that requires a great deal of maturity. Apart from motor difficulties, other obstacles make this skill something extraordinary. For most children, learning to write is tricky because it is often difficult for them to convert sounds into letters at such a tender age. However, as they progress, they should learn to achieve this as second nature, but there are still the children that don't progress as fast as the teachers and parents would like. A teacher's role is to give the child the fundamental skills, which should be enhanced and followed up by the parents at home.  

Strategies for both parents and teachers.

There are plenty of resources online that can assist both the parents and teachers in the quest to help their children learn. Some of these resources can be found here – When the school bell rings, the parents then take on the role of teacher. 

For effective teaching, the right strategies must be adopted. Today it seems that the best are those of a “constructivist” nature: the pupil is seen as a theorist who has to build their world. 

The most suitable educational strategy is to encourage them to explore, discover new knowledge, and develop critical thinking from an early age. This allows them to grow their skills in logic. Parents can continue this by ensuring that they are frequently talking to their child's teacher and gaining insights into what their child needs. Some children may need more assistance with their reading, while others may need to work on their concentration. Each child's needs are entirely individual. 

Motivation is another tactic that must come from both parties. If students do not have the right motivation, the quality of learning will suffer. For this, the teacher must begin to arouse interest in each subject. This way, it will transform the activity into a creative and stimulating one. 

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Effective work in different cultural situations.

Nowadays, following globalization, it is normal for a classroom to host students from different cultures. Therefore, the children must be aware of this and are taught to respect other cultures and languages from a young age. It all begins in those early learning years. With a guarantee of proper development comes a lot of dedication; ensuring that children integrate well is essential. Encouraging children to play together and talk with each other is vital; do not ever segregate your child or a group of children from another. Integration is key. Now that you know the teacher and parent's characteristics, you may feel overwhelmed a little. It seems almost impossible to combine all these requirements. However, communication and a little time dedication will be the most welcome gift.