Robeez Soft Sole Baby Shoes Review

I have been coveting a pair of Robeez soft sole shoes for ages. They seemed like the perfect solution to keep socks on baby's feet and to get off and on in a hurry. I gave up on traditional baby shoes long ago. My little ones like to curl their toes, not to mention their fat little baby feet don't fit well in shoes.

I ordered the “Hangin Ten Gator” Pre-walker Robeez for my 9-month-old son. I bought them on directly from the Robeez company. They arrived in a timely manner and were packaged well. The shoes themselves come in a nice display package that is great for gift-giving.

I was particularly impressed with the quality of my Robeez. They are extremely well made and look very durable. I know from experience at looking for used Robeez that the bottoms can become very worn and look dirty if baby walks with them on the sidewalk or the ground. Although this particular Robeez style is made for pre-walkers, the soles of the shoes hold up well.

If you're debating between sizes, I would definitely go with the smaller size. I ordered the larger size, unsure if the Robeez sizing would be correct. I didn't want to buy a smaller size and have them not fit. However, the Robeez sizing chart is accurate and because I did not follow the chart exactly, my shoes arrived a little too big. They fit baby's feet but tend to slide off too easily.

Robeez are made to go on easily over wiggly toes and feet. I have no problem slipping these shoes on my little one's feet, even when his toes are curled to the max. They also expand to fit and provide plenty of room for growing feet. When they are the right size, Robeez shoes hug your baby's ankles gently so they stay on.

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I would definitely recommend Robeez shoes to anyone who is shopping for soft sole baby shoes. At around $21, they're a little more expensive than the average pair of baby shoes, but definitely make up for it in quality, convenience, and comfort. Just make sure that you order the right size, and I have no doubt you'll be happy with your purchase.

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Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

One thought on “Robeez Soft Sole Baby Shoes Review

  1. I love Robeez!  There’s a shop near my mom’s house that sells them, and she had a ball picking out the perfect cute little pair.  They were the only shoe we used until Bean was 18 months and beginning to want to stomp in puddles!

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