Signs Someone You Care About Is A Toxic Influence

We want to be able to trust the people we know best, but sometimes the people we’re closest to are the most untrustworthy. Parents, siblings, friends, and even partners or children can be very toxic people. There are several signs to watch for warning us about their toxicity. While it is possible for toxic people to discover these negative personality traits and take steps to correct them, sometimes it is necessary for us to distance ourselves from them until they do.

Reckless Lifestyle Choices

Does the person you’re close to frequently take risks like driving under the influence, neglecting to pay bills, or lying to avoid consequences? These are risky behaviors that have a high likelihood of harming others along the way. Living recklessly demonstrates a disregard for self and others; people who make these toxic lifestyle choices should be avoided.

Disregard for Consequences

Some people seem to want to live only for the moment, apparently thinking that the consequences will never catch up with them. They spend rent money on vacations or gambling and then beg family or friends to help cover the shortfall. They habitually go in late to work and then wonder why they always have to look for a new job. Toxic people fail to connect their behavior to the negative consequences they have to live with.

Constantly Lying

Toxic people don’t care about telling the truth. They lie for attention, to avoid confrontation, to avoid consequences for past actions, or simply because they feel like it. Telling lies is a terrible habit, and it is one that reflects poorly on one’s character. If the person you’re close to is always being caught in a lie, then there is a good chance that they are actually a toxic person.

Running Hot and Cold

Showering you with affection one minute then rebuffing you the next is another sign of toxicity. Toxic people have a tendency to behave very warmly for a period of time before becoming very cold and mean without warning. You may start to wonder if you’ve done something wrong; be careful about believing this toxic lie.

Remove Toxic People From Your Life

A single instance of lying or driving under the influence probably doesn’t automatically indicate that a person is toxic. If a person exhibits many signs, there is a good chance they are toxic and should be removed from your life.

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Bradley Corbett

Chicago Tribune

Psychology Today