Signs You’re Ready For A Career Change That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Signs You're Ready For A Career Change That You Shouldn't Ignore

Changing careers isn’t a decision you should ever take lightly. Sure, the stories about people quitting on the spot and telling a manager exactly what they think of them are cathartic, but they’re not quite the model to follow. But if you do feel like you want to find a new career and leave your old one behind, there are some surefire signs you can look for. Here are just a few that’ll help you to decide when to say goodbye and where to go next. 

You Have a Strong Passion for Something Else

Working a job you hate is one of the worst things in the world, and we’ve all had to do it at some point! When we were just starting out and needed money, or when we needed to pick up shifts to support someone – we’ve all had a bad employment experience. 

But if you’ve reached this point in your career when your passion is ebbing, it’s time to look elsewhere. Maybe you should finally try out that 200 hour ryt online course you’ve been eyeing? Maybe you should start selling those handcrafted wood pieces you love making? If you’re passionate about it, do it! 

You’re Missing Out on Home Time

Not having a good work/life balance will throw your entire life off course. And when your career is eating up valuable home time you’d love to spend with your friends and family, it’s time to reconsider what you do. Maybe you’ve had to cancel a lot of dates and appointments recently, maybe your parents are complaining they never see you anymore – whatever it is that’s showing you your current schedule is too much, don’t ignore it. 

There’s No Way to Advance

A job that offers you no opportunities is a bad job altogether, especially if you’re a decade or more into what you do. Not being able to advance your career in your current position physically holds you back, obviously, but it does so mentally as well. You can start to think you’re not worth anymore, or have nothing more to offer, but none of that is true. You’ve just got to start looking further afield and grab the bull by the horns; don’t let a dead end job swallow you up.

The Money Isn’t Enough to Stay

Finally, if you’re no longer even motivated by the paycheck, it’s definitely time to start applying to other jobs around you. The money might be good, but it just doesn't feel right to stay in your position, and that’s the most motivating thing imaginable to look for pastures new. Take some time to work out what you don’t like, why your paycheck isn’t cutting it, and what you want that’s different and/or better from a future employer. 

Remember, the need to change careers can be hard to embrace, but sometimes the signs are just too strong to ignore. Keep points like these above in mind to propel you into a better place.