The Benefits of Naked Yoga: True Naked Yoga Co-Founder Thomas Severini Explains

The Benefits of Naked Yoga: True Naked Yoga Co-Founder Thomas Severini Explains

With a program built to both inform and inspire, True Naked Yoga Co-Founder Thomas Severini sets out to let the world know about the benefits of naked yoga.

Naked yoga came into my life when I needed it the most. I had been traveling extensively for work, and with my breakneck schedule came to stress, exhaustion, and a loss of flexibility.   

I’ve been doing yoga since 2015 when a high school friend of mine opened their own studio and introduced me to the practice. My friend was not someone I had ever envisioned practicing yoga, much less operating his own studio, but his enthusiasm had me hooked in no time.

Yoga allowed me to center my thoughts on my health and stress relief when I didn’t have time to get to the gym. 

In 2017, my business partner Gabriel Bienczycki and I were on the road together, and the grind was taking its toll. We began brainstorming ideas on how we could continue to work together yet find some balance in our lives. 

We were in a hotel room after shooting one day when we came up with the idea to produce an online naked yoga video series. Gabriel had learned about the practice and ideology of naked yoga while working on a production in 2008.

The idea appealed to me immediately. We saw a need for a series of programs that would honor this ideology and way of life. There was literally nothing of quality in that market, so we felt obligated to step in and employ our specific set of skills to meet that need.

From the beginning, we knew these projects would combine our love of yoga, the human form, traveling, and our passion for creating videos while allowing us to make our own schedule and have a final creative say. That’s how True Naked Yoga was born. 

Benefits Abound 

So why naked yoga? This question is one we field regularly. Naked yoga is nothing new. It has been practiced in India since ancient times, and it offers a myriad of benefits. Along with increased flexibility, stress relief, and pain relief, naked yoga adds psychological advantages. 

For instance, a study by researchers at the University of London has shown that spending more time naked correlates with increased self-esteem, improved body image, and even greater life satisfaction. I began adding naked yoga to my own practice in 2017 and much prefer the freedom.

Some other benefits of naked yoga include: 

  • A stronger mind/body connection
  • Improved sense of self-love and acceptance of your body as it is
  • Increased self-awareness and sensitivity to your environment
  • Greater freedom of physical movement
  • Fewer distractions from adjusting clothing 

Practicing naked yoga is a way of getting in touch with yourself, paying close attention to your own unique self. You learn to table perfectionism and accept yourself as you are.

Getting Started 

Are you ready to experience the benefits of naked yoga yourself? Our website True Naked Yoga is made for everyone from beginners to experts. The videos are guided by certified coaches who display the beauty of the movements and respect for the practice. Our multi-level approach allows you to start wherever you are comfortable and build your skills over time.

When you're getting started, you can just appreciate the beautiful movements in an artistic way. Feel free to listen to your body, acknowledge your comfort level, and begin slowly. Our expert instructors will coach you every step of the way. 

Ensuring Privacy

One question people ask us (after “why naked yoga?”) is ensuring privacy while practicing. There are no hard and fast rules to naked yoga. But it’s important, to be honest with yourself and approach the practice within your own personal comfort level. 

With an in-person studio class or a live-streaming class, participants practice with a group of naked people. On the other hand, True Naked Yoga’s guided videos are designed to be performed completely in the privacy of your own home without anyone else watching.

Being aware of what you are comfortable with and what you may need to work up to is a normal part of the process. If you want to invite your partner to join you, then that is up to you.

Practicing naked yoga can give a person a greater appreciation for their body and its capabilities. By stripping away everything but the “bare necessities,” we can concentrate on where we are, how we feel, and the movements our bodies are making. It allows the practitioner to open their heart to the world with courage and confidence. 

I invite you to check out our website at to learn more about the benefits of naked yoga. We would love to have you join us on this journey. 

The Benefits of Naked Yoga: True Naked Yoga Co-Founder Thomas Severini Explains