The Best Ways to Improve Your Mind in Adulthood

The Best Ways to Improve Your Mind in Adulthood

Do you find that your brain isn’t as sharp as it once was? While we can expect to slow down a little much later in life, it’s not normal for this to happen in your twenties, thirties, and even forties. If your mind has gone a little dull, it’s more likely to be a result of your lifestyle, and thankfully that means there are things you can do to reverse the effects. Here are a few things that are great for your mind. 


Travel really opens your mind, it exposes you to new situations that you just wouldn't have come across any other way. You see incredible new things, meet people that are very different from yourself, eat new foods, find out about new religions and cultures. It’s one thing to see these things online or in books, but something else to experience it all yourself. Make an effort to travel, it doesn't have to be luxurious. Go backpacking, stay in motels, go on road trips- anything you can that gets you out there seeing new places. 

Take a course

Once we leave formal education, many of us stop learning. We work jobs where we’re doing the same thing day in day out, we see the same people and live life on repeat. Break the cycle, start learning new things buy taking an educational course, these can be found on just about any subject these days. Not only is it great for your mind and your mental health, but it can improve your job prospects too. For example, if you work in healthcare then a Grand Canyon University nursing course could get you to the next level. Learning new things satisfies the innate curiosities we have as humans, and it can be really satisfying to know that you’re achieving your goals. 

Start a new hobby

Learning new things doesn't always have to be in an academic context. Starting a new hobby can give you new skills and lead to all kinds of opportunities. It could be a sport or active hobby, or a class like cooking, baking or art. It could be a hobby from home such as blogging or crafting, or something else entirely. A new hobby can give your life purpose while allowing you to set goals. It can help you to use your mind in a new way which is really good for the mind. 


Books are like portals into a world of imagination. They’re inexpensive, relaxing to sit and read and are genuinely good for your mind, studies have shown that reading can even ward off dementia in older adults. Grab yourself a good book or have a browse on the Kindle store and make time to read. It’s far better for you than playing video games or scrolling through social media.