The Eco Benefits of a Chiminea

We’re all becoming more and more concerned with the effect we’re having on our planet, our carbon footprint is now more important to us than ever.

A Chiminea has a much smaller imprint on our ecology than you’d think, and a fraction of the effect on the atmosphere than your average BBQ does.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Source

The main reason is what a chiminea burns. These South American fire bowls have been around for hundreds of years, and they haven’t changed since. They’re simple, clean and straightforward and they’re championed by pioneers of clean living.

They use wood to create their fire and heat, a renewable energy source. You can put coal into them and well, but obviously this isn’t renewable.

Chimineas are Made of Eco-Friendly Materials

Most of them are also made from clay or cast iron, both of which are derived from minerals organically found all around us, and equally regenerate so we’re not left with a gap in resources.

Traditionally Chimineas were made from clay and terracotta, people would mould the fire bowls and smoke spouts themselves from the clay found in the soil- so what could be better for your home, your food, and your world, than to provide warmth and food to your friends and family through a source of natural, sustainable energy.

Green Gardening Benefits

Another fantastic benefit of a wood burning Mexican Chimineas, it that the ash residue left over can be used as a rich fertilizer for your plants. The carbon in the ash is natural Miracle Grow, and your plants will really appreciate it.

A Rustic Outdoor Barbecue

You can also use a chiminea as a rustic barbeque easily. If you haven’t got a chiminea which already has a grill feature added into it, you’re able to easily get hold of chiminea accessories from garden centers or on the web.

Vegetables get a wonderfully sweet, earthen taste once they’ve been grilled in the fire bowl, you can also do meat (which comes out with a great smoked flavor), toast bread or marshmallows or whatever else takes your fancy.

Chimineas Complete Your Outdoor Space

Not only this but Chimineas also make wonderful outdoor heaters. Instead of getting an ugly, steel contraption which is gas powered, a chiminea uses only the wood you find yourself or buy, and if you stoke it a couple of times, it’ll keep on giving off a lot of heat for around six to eight hours- so they’re also a lot cheaper to run.


Chimineas are the way forward if you want to get outdoors for longer these summer evenings, have greener barbeques, and generally enjoy a beautiful piece of design in your garden.

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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