Things That Terrified Us As Children That Turned Out To Be True

Things That Terrified Us As Children That Turned Out To Be True

As kids, we saw a lot of different things thanks to TV and the very lack ratings system that most parents enforced. Many people had real concerns that Skynet would wipe us out or that aliens were already among us. Now that we are older, and hopefully a bit wiser, we know that things are not living under the stairs. However, there are certain things that scared the life out of us that have turned out to be (kind of) true.

The Bermuda Triangle

As kids, there were so many TV shows and movies that were geared towards the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle that a lot of people refuse to go there now. Is the plane flying over there? No, not getting on. As it turns out, this was now more true than we realize because there are methane pockets under the ocean that can cause ships to sink, and the air currents off the coast of Florida are not the best as they can cause small aircraft to crash, especially around hurricane season.


Another thing that was a huge issue in kids' programs was the random appearance of quicksand. Showing up in random places such as the playground, quicksand saw the death of many bad guys who weren't paying attention to what was happening around them. As it turns out, quicksand is a thing but it isn’t as dangerous as you might think it is. Sand that has been saturated with water is quicksand because it behaves like a liquid. Thankfully, it is really hard to drown in it, so we can sleep easier at night now.

Your computer would take over

Ok, we did mention this one in the intro but it is worth mentioning again because of the number of tv shows that suggested this was possible. Thankfully, our technology has proved time and time again that it is useless, which is why clubs such as The Windows Club have been formed to help us get the best out of them. Seeing as they can crash randomly, we are not worrying about them taking over the world just yet. However, the world is becoming more automated and we have people losing their jobs because machines can do it better, so maybe they are taking over a different way.

Bugs on the brain

Did anyone else have a fear that bugs would crawl in their ears in the middle of the night and lay eggs? Ok, not just us then. We have no idea where these fears came from, although it may have come from a mean older kid that wanted to scare us. Now that we are older, we know better, and the results are worse than we could imagine! Not only do we eat an unhealthy amount of spiders while we sleep, but earwigs also got their name because they actually crawl into people's ears while they sleep. And this is why we should vacuum our rooms daily to stop anything from crawling around our faces.