How to Manifest Your Soulmate: 5 Secrets to Manifesting The Love You Deserve

How to Manifest Your Soulmate: 5 Secrets to Manifesting The Love You Deserve

Do you feel like there's someone out there for you, but you just haven't met them yet? You can learn how to manifest your soulmate with these 5 secrets to manifesting the love you deserve. 

There's a soulmate out there for everyone, but whether we ever meet that person depends on our willingness to go the distance.

Don't underestimate the power of calling out to the Universe and manifesting your soulmate.

How do you manifest your soulmate?

This involves aligning yourself with the will of the universe so that your soulmate search goes smoothly.

The following 5 secrets will help you find your soulmate:

1. Getting over past hurts

It's important to stop letting your past define your future if you want to create it. You learned your lessons from whatever happened to you, and as part of learning your lessons, healing occurred.

A soulmate relationship won't work until you heal emotionally, or if you somehow attract one, it won't last.

Our outer world is created from the inside, so if you are full of negative emotions then you cannot create and maintain a healthy, happy, long-lasting relationship, but instead, you unknowingly set yourself up for disappointment and then make it worse.

2. You must forgive yourself completely and truly

No one knows you as well as you know yourself, and parts of your past will forever alter the way you see yourself.

It is impossible to undo those mistakes. When you have made mistakes that cannot be undone, it can be difficult to love yourself.

Learning to love yourself will help you to find your soulmate wherever he or she may be.

We associate forgiveness with forgetting, which is why true self-forgiveness is a difficult concept for most of us.

To forgive is not to forget. To forgive is to accept.

Recognize that you have a checkered past and that you are flawed. Despite the best efforts, one can never be the same uncorrupted person as one was when he or she was born.

I love the person I have grown into now – someone I am now, someone who stands a chance at being worth the attention of my soul mate.

The moment you realize that you are worthy of love – not from others but most importantly from yourself – then you can begin your journey toward manifesting your perfect partner.

3. Describe your ideal future partner

Who is the ideal partner for me? You must ask this question. In what ways would you describe your ideal man/woman? Can you describe the ideal man or woman in your head?

You will be able to get what you want if you know what you want. We are dealing with the law of selective perception and the law of attraction. The question of “What type of future partner would suit me?” is a very important one for you to ask yourself.

Who is the right type of man/woman for me? You will get the perfect match if you write down the answer. Write down in the following paragraphs the qualities you would like your ideal partner to possess, both inside and outside.

Now, list the qualities and values you look for in a partner.

Describe how your ideal partner looks.

What is my desire for this relationship?

Relationships are about goals. There is no lasting satisfaction but a permanent sense of guilt and conditional love. Instead, ask yourself: what hidden powers do I want my relationship to reveal? Take a moment to consider your exact intentions in the relationship.

Get rid of the image of your ideal partner and enjoy living your life to the fullest.

You need to let go of your goal now that you've set one. Your wish has already been expressed in writing, so you do not have to continue doing that for now. Mention it only once as an intention.

When you are not mentally engaged much, you suddenly get a lot of opportunities for dates and relationships. So let go of it all and focus on the positive and happy things in life. Life is about enjoying yourself and loving yourself. By doing so, you will automatically accomplish your relationship goal.

4. Become the person you’d love to date

When you script, you are asking yourself how your ideal soulmate feels, looks, and behaves.

Discovering that special person who fills your yin and yang perfectly and completely is the key to both happiness and fulfillment.

It won't always be possible for you to be the right person for the right person.

The person you are meant for might be your soulmate, but that doesn't mean that you are meant for that person.

Although the idea that your soulmate should love you unconditionally is true, you must also realize that your soulmate deserves the best possible version of you.

Improve yourself. The more you grow, the better you get, the stronger you get, the kinder you get, and the more patient you become.

If you want to be a better person for your soulmate, don't wait for them to come into your life before you start thinking about the ways you can improve yourself.

You will unknowingly unconsciously open the doors that will allow them into your life if you are better for them.

5. Be open to finding love

Our universe always listens. All of us are surrounded by a powerful force that wants to move us. An invisible machine that exists always, but does not act until it's called, a machine that operates only when it's called.

Manifestation is said to be a process that involves calling out to the Universe what you desire and making it aware of your intentions.

What are the ties between all of these things?

Without a true desire for love, you will never find it.

In reality, what you really want is quite different from what you claim. You may think that something is important, but it may not be in your heart.

If you do not believe you are seeking love and if you are not fully committed to it, the Universe and its mechanisms will not be able to help you.

Somewhere in your heart, you may still feel:

  • I am not prepared.
  • My studies/career are my top priorities.
  • The pain of losing an ex still haunts me.
  • The feeling isn't right for me right now.
  • A relationship isn't in the cards for me in my life.

If those reasons are keeping you from wanting love, that's totally normal.

You're trying to manifest your soulmate, but the rest of your brain is resisting it.

A manifesting process requires a full commitment, and the Universe listens to your heart, not your lips.

Have you really looked for love, or does something in you want to find it already?

Be aware of what you want and where you stand.

You can manifest your soulmate if you are open to it. Let the Universe decide how your soulmate will manifest.

Beware of placing limitations, such as thinking that you can find your soulmate only online or through the church. It is possible for your soulmate to manifest in all kinds of unexpected ways as well.

  • How would you feel if your soulmate lived down the street?
  • Have you ever met your soulmate while you're on vacation abroad?
  • How about meeting your soulmate in a cafe?
  • Is it possible to find your soulmate while he/she is away on a business trip?
  • How would you feel if you met your soulmate next week?
  • What if you find your soulmate later on in the evening?

In conclusion, receiving love from others is a vital component of self-love. There is only one thing that matters in the universe, and that is vibrations. Those who doubt and resist are repulsed, while those who believe and hope are drawn to them.

There are countless ways in which love can be expressed. You will be able to learn to be open to love anywhere around you if you learn to embrace the love that naturally exists in your life right now. The best is still to come, so do not hesitate to look forward to it.

When you meet your soulmate, you will experience unbelievably happiness. The relationship you dreamed about for a long time will eventually come true. You must let go of the past to make it work for you. Gratitude will also play a big part in the healthy love you'll share. You can increase your fulfillment by focusing on what makes you happy, instead of what doesn't make you happy. The love we have for ourselves is what facilitates our ability to build loving relationships with others throughout our lifetimes. Your new practice of self-love will help you manifest the soulmate of your dreams.

Ian Walsh