Top 5 Alternatives to Halloween

Apple picking fall bucket list for couples

Whether it be for religious, social, or health reasons, families of all kinds are choosing not to celebrate Halloween. But skipping out on Halloween doesn't mean you have to skip out on the fun. There are plenty of alternative ways to celebrate the season without participating in modern Halloween activities.

1.) Pumpkin Patch

Make it a tradition to visit a pumpkin patch each year with your family. These days, pumpkin patches can range from simple “pick your own pumpkin” farms, to mini amusement parks that include games, corn mazes, petting zoos, hay rack rides, and more.

Ask around and do some research online to find locations and prices in your area.

2.) Harvest Party

Don't forget the most awesome gift of the season! Make plans to celebrate the bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables from our earth. You could invite friends and extended family to your harvest party or just have one as a family.

Eat seasonal produce and recipes made with things such as apples, corn, popcorn, pumpkins, and squash.

3.) Dinner and a Movie

Still, want to go out on the 31st? That doesn't mean you have to go trick or treating. See what's playing in theaters, and go out on the town.

Don't limit yourself to movies; See if there are any plays or other performances in your area that night.

4.) Light up the Night

This activity is especially popular with church groups. Instead of decorating your house all scary, light it up and make it inviting.

Set up a comfy atmosphere on the porch or in the front room, and serve warm apple cider or hot cocoa to drink. Anyone can use this as an opportunity mingle with the locals.

5.) Apple Picking

Many families make a trip to the local apple orchard an annual event. Orchards often offer special events for apple picking season, such as warm cider, special pricing for u-pick apples, orchard and cider house tours, hayrack rides, and more.

Contact your local apple orchard to find out more information!

6.) Theme Costume Party

Still, want to dress up? You can, with a costume party! If you want, you can choose a theme that doesn't include anything scary or ghoulish. Popular themes include:

  • Renaissance
  • Retro
  • Bible Characters
  • Movie Themes

The date doesn't have to be on the 31st. Set a date that is on or around Halloween and invite your friends and family for a fun night of dress up, games, and prizes.

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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