What Makes a Woman Crave a Man: 8 Keys to Understanding Her Craving

What Makes a Woman Crave a Man: 8 Keys to Understanding Her Craving

Have you ever wondered what makes a woman crave a man? It's not just about physical attraction. Many factors go into the craving for a man. Once you understand them all, it becomes easier to find out what she wants from her next relationship! In this blog post, we will discuss eight keys to understanding her craving for men.

What makes a woman crave a man

There's no exact formula to get a women's attraction, but there are a few ways to understand what it is that she might be looking for. One way to see what attracts women is by testing out different traits – this can give you clues about the type of man who will attract her attention in general!

Still, there are some traits that the majority of women are attracted to and looking for in a man. These are traits that women have used for centuries to judge the potential provider of their offspring (and as a result, these men tend to be more attractive).

Here are eight keys to understanding what women find attractive in men.

1. Confidence and self-assurance

Confidence is one trait that women find attractive to men. When you are confident, it's a sign to her that you have strong self-esteem and little need for approval from others. You also tend to be more assertive and decisive—traits she finds sexy!

2. Strength, stability, dependability

Stability is a trait that women find attractive to men. She'll want to know that you're not going anywhere. Because stability means safety for her children and dependable resources down the line, it's what she needs to raise future generations!

It can also be helpful if you show some strength (and not just physical) and that you can handle anything life throws at you.

One way to show your strength is by being dependable: she'll want to know that the man in her life will be there, both physically and emotionally!

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3. Passionate and driven

A woman will want to know that you're passionate about something in your life, whether it's a career or personal goal. A man who has some drive and passion will be intriguing for her because she wants someone with whom she can share the excitement they feel together!

In other words, if you have ambition in your life, it can be a turn-on for her and lead to more sexual chemistry!

This is because she wants someone who will help keep the spark going in their relationship. She doesn't want to have to do all of the work or live with unfulfilled dreams. “A woman craves an exciting man.”

4. Sensitivity and empathy

A woman needs her guy to be sensitive and empathetic. Psychologist Dr. John Gottman says that an emotionally intelligent man can handle stress better (which women love). He's more likely to have an attractive body language and voice tone and take on responsibilities in the home without being asked.

5. Genuine and honest personality

A woman craves an honest man. She wants someone who is forthcoming with his life and not hiding anything from her-whether it's about where he was last night or some important detail of the past. It makes a huge difference to have trust in your relationship, which is difficult without honesty!

Women want genuine and don't try to be anything other than themselves when he's around them. An honest, sincere man will have a more satisfying relationship because there are no secrets between the two people involved!

6. A good sense of humor

A woman craves a man with a good sense of humor. It's not just about making her laugh all the time, but having some personality that can make everyone around him happy! Women want someone who can enjoy life and have fun, even when he doesn't feel like it, and she wants to be part of that.

A man with a good sense of humor can make anyone feel better when they're down or sad! If he has an upbeat personality, it will also rub off on her, and she'll be in the best mood all day long! A woman doesn't want to deal with someone who is always negative.

7. Independent and responsible

A woman craves a man who is independent and responsible. A relationship should be an equal partnership, so she wants someone to share her worries, not add to them! She doesn't want to worry about everything like work or the children while he sits back in his recliner watching football all day long.

A woman wants a man who is not afraid to take the lead and be in charge. She needs to know that he can handle things independently if she needs him to, without needing assistance from anyone else. She doesn't want someone who will give up when there is adversity or work ahead of them.

8. Someone romantic

A woman wants a romantic man. She needs to feel loved and appreciated by someone, so she craves the thought of being with someone who takes time for her – whether that's cooking dinner or giving her flowers.

Romance doesn't need to be over-the-top. To most women, romance is about little things. A woman craves a man who shows his softer side and isn't afraid to show his love in a way that she knows is genuine. Women crave men who make them feel wanted, not worthless, or like they're just another girl on the market.

Knowing these eight things that women crave in men, you can move forward in understanding her the woman you want. And if you know the things she desires, then you can provide or show it in a way that will help your relationship grow and last for as long as possible.

Ian Walsh