24 Super Simple Soaked Grain Recipes

Soaked Grain Recipes

I have a confession to make. My family has been eating real foods for several years now, but I didn't learn about the importance of soaking grains until recently.

Why Soak Grains?

In short, soaking wheat in particular releases phytic acid and important enzymes that allow us to better digest the grains. Soaking grains is a traditional practice in cultures around the world.

My Experience Soaking Grains

I have experimented with sourdough and learned about soaking nuts and beans when we did the GAPS diet over one year ago.  Then in the last few months, I have been introduced to sprouted flour.

However, I have found that sourdough can take quite the commitment (one I don't have time to commit to with my busy schedule right now) and sprouted flour can either be time-consuming or be a bit more expensive than our food budget can handle.

That's when I learned about soaking grains. But, I was skeptical at first. Anything new in cooking can seem like a lot of extra work, especially when you don't know what it entails. I was afraid that soaking grains for things we already make would be time-consuming and/or too complicated.

This post is in dedication to how easy I've found it can be. I hope you will try some of these recipes and find out for yourself just how easy soaking grains can be!


Breakfast is one of the easiest meals to soak grains for. They can be prepared quickly the night before, which makes breakfast that much quicker in the morning.

Plus, many of the soaked grain breakfast recipes are the easiest by far.


Traditional Bread & Biscuits

If you think that making delicious, healthy homemade bread is hard. Think again. I've been baking bread for years and I found soaked whole wheat bread to be one of the easiest bread ever to make for my family.

Plus, who doesn't love biscuits? Wouldn't you love to eat them guilt-free? You can now!

Muffins and Quickbreads

Muffins and quickbreads are easy to soak because they normally don't require an exact consistency. They are easy to “throw” together when you need something for the next day.

Cookies, Cakes, & Bars

Don't forget the sweet treats! You'll love these soaked cookie, cake, and bar recipes.

Gluten-Free Soaked Recipes

Need gluten-free? No worries…

Other Soaking Recipes

Here are a few other recipes and posts on soaking you don't want to miss.


Want more info about soaking grains and other traditional methods of preparing food? Read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

What is your favorite soaked grain recipe?

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS