3 Reasons You Might Not Be Feeling Like Your Best Self (& What To Do About It)

3 Reasons You Might Not Be Feeling Like Your Best Self (& What To Do About It)

There is a lot of talk online about being our ‘best selves' at the moment. Unfortunately,  being the best version of ourselves can be tough even in good times. Let alone if there is an issue that is weighing us down. Happily, it is often the case that if such an issue is causing a problem, dealing with it will help us to feel better and live up to our full potential. A topic you can read more in the post below. 


It may be a little embarrassing to discuss. Still, poor digestive health can really have a massive impact on how we feel and our ability to be our best selves day in and day out. In particular, constipation can lead to bloating, lethargy which can make it hard to do anything, let alone be at our best. 

Of course, the key to sorting this problem is to examine constipation causes and see which apply to your situation. After all, some people may suffer from this problem because of a lack of fiber in their diet. Still, for others, it may be caused by an underlying health issue or even an allergy that is causing it. 

Then once you have a good idea about what is causing the issue, you can get the proper treatment to fix it. Whether that is taking a remedy, changing your diet, or even seeking medical help. After which you should be left feeling a lot lighter and with plenty of energy and motivation to invest in being your best self. 


Anxiety is another issue that can very quickly drain you and make living your best life seem impossible. In fact, suffering from constant worry can be terrifying and exhausting, leaving you with little energy to do or even think about anything else in your life. 

The good news is that there are steps you can take to manage your anxiety. Something that can really stop it having such a massive impact on your wellbeing. Of course, this, in turn, can help improve many other aspects of your life, including sleep, mood, and motivation. All of which will help maximize your chances of being your best self.

Negative self talk 

In fact, as you have probably guessed a lot of anxiety is caused by negative self-talk. It can be the root of many issues with anger, depression, and avoidance as well. Unfortunately, we can't just block our inner monologue like we would if someone online was feeding us a stream of insults and negativity

Fortunately, there is another way to deal with the problem of negative self-talk. It is to stop paying so much attention to it and believing what it is saying. Sort of like switching the radio to another station, or letting it play along in the background. Yet without taking too much of in. In fact, such an approach, when combined with some conscious positive reinforcement, can make a massive difference to how you are feeling. Thus helping you feel like your best self a lot more often.