6 Reasons Why Women Like Older Men

6 Reasons Why Women Like Older Men

Nowadays, young women and older men are often seen together, especially among celebrities. All of them have been in marriages with big age gaps, from George Clooney and Amal Clooney to Hillary Burton and Dave Morgan to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Why do young women like older men? Here's why.

Women who date older men are looking for father figures, according to research conducted at St. Mary's University in Halifax by Sara Skentelbery and Darren Fowler. The reason they are seeking attention from older men maybe because they were neglected by their fathers as children. In addition, the study states that older women tend to be more financially secure and that older men may have plans to reproduce when they go for younger women. Maybe we'll take a closer look at what really attracts women to older men, whatever the reason is.

It is becoming more and more common to be in May-December relationships (where one partner is much younger than the other). This kind of pair is very attractive. Here's why women like older men.

1. Financially, older men are more stable

As a general rule, most women are looking for men who can provide them with financial support. Women are practical by nature. As an example, it is important that the man can provide security when starting a family. Those who do not earn a living will not be able to easily settle for a self-sufficient woman. It is the ideal partner for certain women in poorer regions to find a man who can support them. Their lives are already difficult as it is, and they can't afford to have more mouths to feed. Therefore, they won't settle for a man without a job.

It is logical to assume that an individual in his 20s is likely to have fewer savings, wealth, and assets than he will have in his 20's. The older he gets, the more he pays off his debts and saves for retirement. Having adequate assets and money in his bank account allows an older man to support his family. People planning to start families are more likely to look for men who have established careers as opposed to those who are just starting out. Being rich is not mentioned in the article.

The point I am making is not that women should rely on their spouses financially. By standing up for themselves and taking charge of their own lives, women can accomplish a lot of wonderful things. Many cultures, however, do not believe women should work while their husbands should stay at home and raise the children. This is one of the many reasons why women like older men.

2. They possess more experience

A more experienced man has been on the field for a longer time, so he is more accustomed to handling women. A more experienced man can understand women because of his experience. A woman can cope with mood swings and be comforted in the right way with their words and actions.

When younger women are feeling overwhelmed, they know the right words to use to communicate with older men. They feel emotionally secure around older men.

Moreover, older men are calmer and more reasonable, they do not jump to conclusions, and handle adverse circumstances better. The presence of an older man in a young woman's life is reassuring.

3. It's clear what they want

People who have been through more experienced jobs, or are older in life will most likely know what they want more than someone who is younger. Even though you're young and still figuring things out, you don't automatically mean girls will not like you. No matter where he is in life, a man who knows what he wants is attractive.

Some women might not be attracted to guys who are older than them. Also, not every older man shows these traits.

There are still many women who get involved with younger men – and even marry them. Women are not attracted to men's age per se, rather it's the character that they tend to develop as they age. We also know from experience that developing these traits as we age is just more natural.

Also, it is possible that you possess these traits much earlier in life. Women will find you very attractive no matter how old you are if this is true about you. It's not about how old you are, but who you become as you grow older.

4. The majority of older men lead healthy lifestyles

Although some of them enjoy drinking wine and beer and smoking as well, they know their limits. There is only one time when this is not true, which is when they are having difficulty coping with their own issues, which is an exception since older men are generally mature enough to handle their own problems.

Additionally, older men may have a particular sport or two that they really enjoy. Outside of the office, they keep fit. Rather than gadgets and game consoles that young men are more inclined to buy, they prefer to spend their money on things like travel and spare parts for their cars and bikes. As an example, my partner and I recently went hiking in Greece using a GPS device from the Garmin brand. What a great experience.

In addition, they understand the value of taking time to relax, and unlike many younger men, they do not constantly push themselves to the point of exhaustion. They instead take a more relaxed, focused approach.

5. It is the heart that desires

Sometimes, an older woman dates a younger man for other reasons besides his age. The heart seeks what it desires and love is blind. A great marriage does not require an age difference. A great couple may simply be compatible and understand each other.

At any time and anywhere, cupid may strike. Even two people who are so opposite can come together, even if they have a large age difference. A large age gap isn't significant for people who don't care about their age.

A man can love a woman his own age? What is dating an older man like? A man who is older will give you the feeling that you have finally found someone who shares your interests.

You need to think about a few important things, however. Are you capable of handling this person's immaturity or will he treat you as a child? How does he plan to raise his children? In what future do you see yourself and this person together? In order to avoid ending up like Monica Geller who had to leave Richard because he didn't want children, you need to answer these questions.

6. Developing self-mastery

Stability – mentally, emotionally, and financially – is one of the most attractive qualities a woman looks for in a man.

Families and children are primal drives for women. The environment that a potential wife and children will live in is more stable if the man is stable.

Women of any age will naturally gravitate towards a stable man, whether consciously or subconsciously. As for older men being more stable, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that.

Take a moment to consider it. Your discipline and reliability will increase as you age. That's just the way it is. Your reliability has probably increased over the past seven years.

With age and discipline, you can trust yourself more, your self-confidence soars, and people can trust you to follow through with your promises. Women find this simple, but a highly attractive transformation to be a strong indication of maturity and character.

Ian Walsh