Mindful Drinking: Addiction Experts Offer 5 Mindful Drinking Tips

5 Expert Tips for Engaging in Mindful Drinking

Researchers found that almost 70 percent of people who committed to indulging in a ‘dry' month then made healthier lifestyle choices regarding alcohol intake for the rest of the year. And mindful drinking has become a trend. 

In this article, Delamere Founder and Chief Executive Martin Preston explains why ‘mindful drinking' has become the new norm and five ways to do it right.

Currently, being sober is considered cool in our wellness revolution. Drinking less is a trend, no doubt, and it isn't just reserved for those with alcohol issues anymore. 

“Whilst the pandemic certainly increased alcohol consumption amongst Brits, as life began to adjust back to normal, many re-evaluated their life choices and made ‘mindful drinking and even ‘sobriety’ a part of their everyday lives- which is great!”

We asked addiction experts to share five tips for incorporating ‘mindful drinking' into your daily life:

1. Don't drink alcohol on weekdays

Often, when the week seems to drag, many people will fancy a drink or two after work on Wednesday or Thursday. 

Having one or two with dinner is fine, but going out and binge drinking throughout the week will not only add to the amount of alcohol you consume at the weekend but also leave you feeling extra tired at the end of the week.

You should be careful about any important work meetings you may have and make sure that your body gets a full night's rest without being interrupted by drinking.

2. Shots should be avoided

It's almost always a shot on a night out – cheap and easy to consume – but you'll get drunk very quickly and drink twice as much as you would with long drinks.

Opt for a lower-alcohol version like apple sour which is 15 percent instead of vodka or tequila which typically ranges from 40 to 55 percent.

Sipping spirits slowly rather than shooting them will make them last longer. Take shots if you're trying to engage in mindful drinking. 

3. Between drinks, drink water

Mindful drinking includes making sure you balance out your drinking with water. Alcohol dehydrates the body, lowering your energy and immune system, especially the next day. 

In addition to keeping hydrated, drinking water in between drinks will quench your thirst, which will stop you from sipping your alcoholic beverage too quickly if you are thirsty. 

In addition, drinking water before going to sleep will help your body rehydrate and repair during the night.

 4. Don't mix drinks

Three or four measures of spirits blended with other ingredients will cause a throbbing headache and dry throat the following morning. 

You're also less likely to be able to count how many standard drinks you've consumed if you stick to one drink.

In addition, drinking liquor causes the blood alcohol level to rise much faster than drinking beer.

 5. Say no to alcohol with confidence

Mindful drinking can be hard. You may feel more comfortable accepting an alcoholic drink when someone offers it simply to avoid any awkward situations. You should feel good about your decision to order sparkling water, and you should own it. 

You can politely decline. You should explain your goals not to make anyone feel better, but because it will give you a sense of control.

Expert mindful drinking advice provided by: https://delamere.com/addiction-treatment/alcohol-addiction 

Ian Walsh