7 Easy Living Room Cleaning Hacks

7 Easy Living Room Cleaning Hacks

Everyone knows that the living room is the one room in the house where you entertain, relax, even sleep. It’s the hub of the home after the kitchen, and it’s where the family gathers together to watch TV and spends time together. It’s such a busy area in the house that it makes sense that you would want to spend some time organizing it to look in the exact way that you want. 

You want to spend time cleaning the living room because of how busy it gets with the footfall of others. At the same time, no one likes to spend all their spare hour’s cleaning and tidying!

The good news is that there are plenty of hacks out there to make cleaning an easy job that doesn’t take up too much time. We’ve got seven of those easy hacks for you right here to make life so much easier for you! Let’s go!

1. Polishing Wood

Wooden furniture – especially the items in the line of the sun – have the tendency to fade. It happens over time, and it’s nothing you’ve done wrong. Restoring the wood furniture is easy, and if you use a quarter cup of olive oil and a few drops of apple cider vinegar, you’re going to have a cleaner that pulls the dirt from the wood while conditioning it.

This way, you can quickly look after the faded wood while keeping it clean and smelling lovely. Using polish on wood is a good idea, as you keep it coated and naturally repelling dirt. These natural polish recipes should be an excellent way to avoid chemical use in the home.

2. Dust The Ceiling Fan

Imagine spending all your time cleaning your home from top to bottom only to switch on the ceiling fan and coat the entire room in a layer of dust. When the dirt builds up on the fan, you can guarantee that you will need to clean the fan before you switch it on. Otherwise, what’s the point in cleaning the rest of the room!?

The quickest hack for cleaning ceiling fans is with a pillowcase. You could always use a feather duster, but you’re only going to spread it all around. A pillowcase can be slid over each individual blade and pulled back to pick up the dust.

3. Carpet Cleaning

Red wine and white carpets. Mud and cream carpets. Coffee on grey carpets. No matter the substance, it’s difficult to clean stains from carpets and, over time, those carpets become beyond repair. Using a Steamaster regularly could be the best thing that you do for the carpets in your home.

Not only can you go over them with a vacuum, but you can also get the Steamaster out to shampoo your carpets and get the dirt off them without as much effort as you think. Carpets may cover the entirety of your living room, but don’t forget the rugs. You can give them a going over and make them feel like they’re brand new again. 

4. Fabric Couch? Easy

Natural cleaners for the win and baking soda is something that you likely already have in your cupboards at home. Sprinkle the baking soda over the couch and leave for twenty minutes. When you vacuum it up afterward, the sofa will look as if you’ve just bought and installed it into the house.

5. Baseboards – Pay Attention!

Baseboards are similar to ceiling fans: they’re going to collect dust. If you don’t wipe down your baseboards regularly, you’re going to end up with a thick layer of dust build-up. Take the brush of your vacuum and brush them down before you do the carpets; it’s so much easier this way!

6. Eyes Open To Your Blinds

This is one of the best hacks out there for cleaning blinds. All you need is some microfibre cloths and a pair of barbecue tongs. Wrap the dusters around the slats of the blinds and then use the tongs to move it along. Easy and takes less than five minutes to get done.

7. Dust On The Ceiling

When you want a quick fix for cleaning crown moulding, wrap a cloth around a broom and reach for the sky. The ease with which you can brighten up the crown molding will surprise you, and you won’t be breathing in the dusty air anymore.

Cleaning isn’t always going to be fun, but it’s still going to be necessary! These hacks will change the game for your living room!