What Careers Have The Best Prospects?

What Careers Have The Best Prospects?

There is some wisdom in the idea of doing what you love as a career, but there should be an asterisk next to this piece of advice, because what do you do if what you love won’t lead to a long-term career? It’s not always discussed as much as it should be, but we’re heading for a giant shift in the working world, and it’s going to cause a lot of problems. With the rise of AI and robots, up to 40% of jobs could be lost. As such, anyone thinking about a career today has to think about which jobs will be around and thriving in the years to come. Fortunately, we do have some ideas about what they’ll be. We take a look a few options below. 

Technology Options

One of the reasons why so many jobs will be lost is because technology will become so advanced that robots can replace general workers. While this is bad news if you’re a truck driver or work on the assembly line, it’s good news if you, well, work in technology.

We think of technology as already being all-touching, but this isn’t the case — it's really just getting started. Not all areas of tech will see growth (web design will probably fade away, for example), but things like 3D printers, Internet of Things products, and wearable tech will all be huge. 

Shifting Demographics

If you want to see what industries are going to thrive in the future, it’s best to look at what the world is going to need in the years to come. And one way to do that is to look at the demographics. In the next decade, we’re going to have many, many people entering retirement age (there will be more people in this age bracket than kids). And they’re going to need people to look after them, which means everything related to healthcare will be in demand.

You could become a doctor, or take a look at in home care franchise opportunities. As we move forward, you’ll find that your services become more and more valuable. 

A Global World

It’s a big old world, sure, but it’s also getting smaller each year. We’re becoming more global in various aspects of life, especially business. This is a complicated process, however, and it needs people to untangle the complexities. If you can juggle various demanding tasks in your mind and have a global mindset, then consider looking into logistics. 

Renewable Energy

There’s no getting around the fact that the world is heading into some pretty difficult days, thanks to climate change. But where some people some problems, others see solutions. If you’re a natural problem solver, look at getting involved in the transition to renewable energy, or in fields related to improving energy efficiency in the home and cities. 

Human Resources

Finally, those with a flair for uncovering talents would do well to look for a career in human resources, an industry expected to grow considerably in coming years due to skills shortages.