Birthing Naturally with Hypnotherapy

Reduce Heartburn and Indigestion In Pregnancy

Many first-time pregnant women have understandable fears about childbirth. They know it’s painful, has potential complications and they’ve probably been told countless stories by their own mothers, sisters, and friends about its woes. Movies and television can also play a factor in reinforcing this notion.

Who would be excited about child birth after all of that?

Fear is the typical result from the internalization of all the information garnered throughout a pregnant mother’s life about childbirth.

The good thing, however, is that child birthing fear is not based on the first-hand experience. It is borrowed fear. The second any woman realizes this, she immediately begins her walk towards empowered decision-making for herself and child.

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is gaining popularity at an astounding rate both in the medical field and in the treatment of mental-emotional issues. With the rise of healthy alternatives to just about everything, traditional medication (even in the delivery room) is quickly losing popularity, and many women are seeking and finding healthier alternatives.

Some women and men are choosing Hypnosis for these healthier alternatives to their current ailments, and experiencing successful results.

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Hypnotherapy helps to relax the mind and feeds the subconscious powerful suggestions that it can accept. This type of therapy directly affects the programs which govern our behaviors and habitual thinking. Even long-running unwanted conditioning and emotions can be just as easy to uproot and reframe into positive responses as short-term negative conditioning. Just because a phobia is old doesn’t mean it can’t be healed.

Using Hypnotherapy During Labor and Birth

Some believe that hypnosis means being at the mercy of the hypnotherapist. This myth is untrue.  Clients are fully conscious and alert of what they are experiencing.

The difference with hypnotherapy is in the method by which the subconscious mind is being spoken to in order to create more positive associations to their goal as opposed to previously negative associations. Also, the hypnotic state can take a woman to a place of natural anesthesia.

Hypnotic suggestions can well prepare women for child birth. Since the mind is the central hub for all we experience, hypnotherapy can work to create a positive pathway for what the mind believes it “should” be experiencing negatively, based on its past conditioning.

Hypnotherapy can change the experience of childbirth into a less painful one, or possibly even into an enjoyable one.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of hypnotherapy when used to assist with child birthing:

  • Decreases anxiety and fear
  • Increases woman’s confidence in birthing
  • Decreases time in labor
  • Decreases pain
  • Reduces the need for medication
  • Reduces tension in the delivery room
  • Helps to properly position the unborn baby…and more.

Hypno-Birthing requires a special certification beyond a typical Hypnotherapy certification, so mothers-to-be need to look for the Hypno-Birthing credential if seeking this form of service. Also, consulting a delivering physician ahead of time is ideal if one plans on Hypno-Birthing.


Natural child birth is something every mom deserves. Without the incessant would-be fears that the world instills upon our mental conditioning over time, Hypno-Birthing will help every mother offer that gift during her child’s first moments in the world.

Let the relaxing method of Hypno-Birthing be an experience of peace that you share with your new family.

About the Author

Kyra Schaefer, C. Ht. is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Certification Trainer and founder of the Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic in Phoenix, AZ.  She shares mental health tips and hypnosis downloads via her newsletter and blog.