Camping During Pregnancy

Camping during pregnancy can be fun, but it presents some unique challenges. Depending on how far along you are during your camping trip, there are some special preparations you will want to make, and things you will want to consider before you go.

Comfortable Seating

Frequent rest time is a requirement of pregnancy. Somewhere comfortable to sit will be a necessity for you during camping. Bring along a big comfy camp chair. Something with a footrest is even better. You may even consider bringing along a smaller pillow or cushion to add to your seating comfort.

Comfortable Bedding and Pillows

Sleeping is already difficult enough during pregnancy. It can be even more challenging while camping. Make sure you have comfortable sleeping arrangements. If you are tent camping, a thick padding is essential, but an air mattress is ideal.

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In addition to your typical camp bedding, bring along some extra pillows. A body pillow is a great addition to your camping gear.

Restroom Accessible

Pregnant women tend to use the restroom more than non-pregnant individuals. Before you set up camp, make sure that you pick a spot that is within comfortable walking distance. You will also need a good flashlight or lantern, so that you can make your way safely to the restroom in the dark.

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Comfortable Shoes

Camping usually requires a fair amount of walking. Along with your flip flops, be sure to bring along a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

If you plan on doing any kind of hiking or trail walking, you'll also want a pair of shoes that has good tread. During pregnancy, your balance is already off a bit. The last thing you want is to fall and get hurt.

Snacks & Water

Hydration is important during camping, and even more so during pregnancy. Make sure you have access to plenty of clean water. If your camp site is not plentiful, bring along some bottled water in the cooler. Hydration drinks such as Gatorade also have their place, but should only be used occasionally.

Bring along plenty of snacks. It is helpful if you have some snacks that are just for you. Granola bars, nuts, fruit, cut vegetables, dried fruit, and trail mix are all good choices. They will give you that boost of energy that you need between meals. Bring some along with you whenever you leave your campsite, just in case.

Camping while pregnant is not that much different than camping normally. But, in order for you to be comfortable, you will want to plan ahead and bring along these extra items. Many of these things will already be on your list.

Happy camping!

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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