What is a blessingway ceremony

What is a Blessingway Ceremony and How to Plan One

A blessingway is a wonderful way of welcoming and celebrating a woman’s passage through pregnancy into motherhood. It is a unique gathering of close friends of the mother-to-be. Unlike a baby shower which focuses on the baby, a bessingway is about honoring the mother-to-be. Blessingways are a spiritual celebration that usually include spiritual or religious…

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Reduce Heartburn and Indigestion In Pregnancy

The Ketogenic Diet and Fertility: 4 Ways the Low-Carb Diet Can Encourage Conception

By Dr. Laurie Steelsmith Author of Growing Younger Every Day: The Three Essentials Steps for Creating Youthful Hormone Balance At Any Age Fertility complications can be one of the most devastating issues a woman—and a couple—can face, leading to profound frustration, dips in self-confidence, and relationship troubles. But the good news is that infertility treatments continue to…

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