Chicken Soup Helps Treat Bronchitis

Each passing day proves Grandma right. Scientists around the world are conducting experiments that have surprising results. Well, surprising for them. For those that have looked to natural home remedies, the results are not too surprising. Guess what? Chicken soup might be a solution for bronchitis.

When we’re sick, we tend to look to chicken soup to cure our ills. Scientifically, it does help on a variety of levels. There are 4 specific areas where chicken soup helps you fight bronchitis.

1. The Chicken – Protein is important in your overall health. It keeps your body strong. You need protein when you’re sick though typically you don’t want it. Chicken is different. When cooked in soup, it has a much softer texture which is appealing when you are sick. There has been research that suggests chicken contains something called cysteine that helps break up mucus. But just chicken alone won’t do the trick.

2. Garlic – This herb has been looked at for centuries for its medicinal powers. It is nature’s antibiotic and helps battle against any infection including bronchial infections. Eating chicken soup with garlic gives your body extra fighting power. But….you need more.

3. The Broth – You need the chicken. You need the garlic. You also need the broth. You need lots of liquids when you are fighting bronchitis. You can get healthy liquid just from chicken broth. It takes good and delivers what your body needs.

4. Comfort – The final thing is the just the comfort you derive from eating chicken soup. There is something about it that makes you think of home and love. Even when you’re home alone eating it, the mental images it conjures up can do more good for you than anything. Mental health is important. When you eat the soup and want to get better, your body responds. It’s amazing how powerful the mind can be.

When you feel a bit under the weather and you’re suspicious of getting sick in the lungs, don’t wait. Get some chicken soup and start eating. Enjoy it. Rest. Let the chicken soup Grandma always said would help do its job and help you get better.

Thanks, Grandma! Anything else, you scientists want to know about?


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