Finding Someone Who Truly Understands You When Dating

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Finding someone who truly understands and knows you is the main goal of the romantic lifestyle. You don’t want to run into people who either can’t or refuse to know where you’re coming from, and there’s probably been quite a few disasters in your own dating history because of this problem we’re sure! 

However, finding someone similar but different enough to you isn’t as hard as you might think it is. You’ve just got to know what to look for, and what things really mean when they happen. And we’ll go through all of this in more detail for you below. 

Trust Your Feelings

The first thing to do is trust your feelings, and you’re going to have a whole melting pot of them to deal with so it might be a little confusing! However, you can soon sort through them and split them up into categories. 

Maybe you’re feeling a little excited? Maybe you’re feeling a little apprehensive? Maybe you feel comfortable around the other person, or maybe you really care what they think? These can all be good things! It’s all about working out what happens to your feelings when the other person is around – if it feels big, but the dynamic between you is also effortless, maybe you’ve found the one… 

Know Your Type

If you want to find someone who you can connect properly with, you need to focus on two levels: the physical and the emotional. It’s not shallow to have a preference when it comes to looks, because most relationships feature both a physical and a mental attraction. 

So, if you know your type, you’re going to have a much better chance of finding that understanding you’re both looking for and willing to give. 

Indeed, there are many ways to find it. Look into your relationship history; what do your partners have in common? You can also get out there and talk to people, maybe at a bar or maybe on, and work out what it is you really like in a person. 

Take Your Time

You also need to take your time here. You should never rush into a relationship, for any reason, because they take time to build properly and you need to be sure this is what you really want. Not to mention that the person you thought could be the one could turn out to be wrong entirely, so don’t be afraid to have a bit of caution when it comes to a relationship. 

If the other person truly understands you, they’d also understand this, as long as you communicate it to them properly. So go slow, don’t feel like you have to speed things up, and don’t expect things to go wrong either. You just have to make sure you’re always feeling something good when those butterflies in your tummy start fluttering! 

When in a relationship, your partner needs to be able to talk to you, listen to you, and hear you.