15 Fun Things To Do By Yourself

Fun Things To Do By Yourself

If you like spending time with people, it's easy to become dependent on others as a source of entertainment. However, constantly using other people to fill your free time can lead you to boredom when they are not around.

There will always be moments in life when people are busy and unable to spend time with you. That's why it's important to learn how to enjoy time by yourself.

Not only will finding fun things to do by yourself keep you from boredom; Time by yourself also has numerous psychological benefits including improved concentration, increased productivity, better quality relationships, and more.

So, the next time your friends are all busy doing their own thing, here are 15 fun things to do by yourself.

15 Fun Things To Do By Yourself

1. Browse a bookstore. Find a local mom and pop bookstore and go browsing with no intention to find anything specific. You never know what quirky and interesting books you'll find!

2. Go to a matinee. If you have an afternoon free, grab a cheap matinee. The best part is that it doesn't matter how bad the movie is. You have nobody to impress, so you can laugh or cry at everything that's stupid and silly without judgement.

3. Go thrift shoppingI'm convinced that everyone has something vintage that they love. Take an afternoon to yourself and go searching through local thrift shops for those sought-after items, then see if you can haggle down the price to something you can afford.

Fun Things To Do By Yourself

4. Go sightseeing. Do you have somewhere that you've always wanted to go see but keep putting off? Stop waiting for someone to go with and go by yourself. It will make for more interesting conversation later, and you will no longer have to say, “I've always wanted to go there.”

5. Get creative in the kitchen. Cook up that ridiculous recipe that you've always wanted to try, or perfect an old favorite. Either way, cooking alone gives you the chance to experiment without someone watching over your shoulder.

6. Take pictures. Go around your house, town, or county taking pictures of anything and everything that strikes your fancy. You can go without a set mission, or take a photo challenge. Don't have a nice camera? Try cell phone photography.

7. Watch the sun go down. Have you ever sat by yourself and done absolutely nothing but watch the sun go down? Just you and your thoughts and a beautiful sunset. Everyone should do it at least once in their life (if not more).

Fun Things To Do By Yourself

8. Pamper yourself. Chances are that it's been awhile since you pampered yourself. Depending on your budget, try anything from a hot bubble bath at home to a fancy pedicure at the spa.

9. People watch. Sit on a bench at the park or downtown and do nothing but watch people as they go about their business. It sounds silly, but if you've never done it before you should try it. It's quite entertaining.

10. Take a scenic walk. Pick a beautiful area and go for a walk. You won't have to worry about anyone distracting you from the sights and sounds.

11. Grab a coffee. It definitely doesn't look weird to sit at a coffee shop by yourself sipping a cup of joe. Bring your laptop and get some work done or watch Netflix. Or bring a really good book.

Fun Things To Do By Yourself

12. Start a journal. Has it been a while since you're written down your thoughts? Journaling can be a great past time that helps you to reflect and think about things in a new way. You'll appreciate your journaling most when you go back to read your entries weeks, month s, or years from now. I bet you'll learn a lot about yourself.

13. Take yourself to dinner. Skip the dreaded “Where should we eat?” conversation and take yourself on a dinner date to your favorite restaurant. Have no shame as you order whatever appetizer, entree, and dessert you want.

14. Play a game. Whether it's a video game or a brain game (sudoku, crosswords, etc.), there are games of all types to pass the time. For a fun game that will keep you busy and get you out of the house, try Pokemon GO.

15. Make a Playlist. If you love music, take some time to compile a playlist of your favorite music in each genre. You can even get creative and make playlists for various activities in your day, such as working out, cruising, or hanging out with friends. You'll have the perfect playlist ready whenever you need it.


Do you have trouble spending time alone? What are some of your favorite fun things to do by yourself? Tell us in the comments!




Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS