Horsetail Use in Oral Health

 What is Horsetail?
Horsetail is a plant that has been called Bottlebrush or Shavegrass. The stems are the most used part of it. It can be found throughout the world except for the lands of Australia and New Zealand. It doesn’t get much higher than 18 inches and can be found in areas that are very wet.

Traditionally, it has been used to heal wounds and as a diuretic. Some have used it for intestinal issues and bladder problems as well as lung conditions. It’s not a well known plant nor is it a commonly used one.
It possibly could help with many problems that you have. But…. Can it be used to help your teeth?

How is Horsetail Used in Oral Health?

As mentioned above, Horsetail can be used to heal wounds. That could pertain to wounds that appear on the teeth. Broken teeth or cavities need attention, and Horsetail could give it to them.
Create a mixture of Horsetail along with salt and mint. Pack it down on the damaged area and let it sit for a couple of hours. Don’t do this more than a week as this is in your mouth and will inevitably enter your bloodstream. Too much is not good for you.

Dangers of Horsetail

Many scientists consider Horsetail a poisonous plant. It can be toxic when taken in large doses. That is why you should limit the amount that you ingest through teeth repair.

It can be deadly when you continue using it past a week. If the tooth still needs attention, look to other treatments or see a dentist. Never keep using Horsetail. That is playing with fire. Your health is important and should never be taken likely.

Herbs can help heal many problems that you have. But never take an herb without learning more about it. These are medications that nature gives you. That means that there can be dangerous side effects. You don’t want to risk your life just because you heard something might work. Talk to a certified herbalist and see what safe options you have. Treat herbs with respect and you’ll discover thousands upon thousands of benefits that can be found in herbs.

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