How to Get Free Products From Amazon By Writing Reviews

How to Get Free Products From Amazon By Writing Reviews

With Christmas fast approaching, I've been taking advantage of the opportunity to get free products from Amazon by writing product reviews. For me, it's a nice and easy way to stock up on holiday gifts.

But as I mention this to my friends and family, they inevitably want to know how I do it. I thought the best way to share the process would be to write a blog post for everyone. Here goes.

What Kind of Products Can You Get for Free?

The type of product offers you can get depends on several factors, including what you search for on Google, Amazon, and even on your previous Amazon purchases.

Generally, as you participate in more free product review offers, the more offers you will get for other products.

I've reviewed all kinds of products on Amazon including: 

  • Remote controlled boats and cars
  • LED strip lights and LED light projectors
  • Women's coats
  • Good quality winter hats and gloves
  • LED video projector
  • Blender
  • Toys
  • Toddler shoes
  • Women's clothing
  • Socks and underwear
  • Kids camera
  • Security camera
  • Keyboard piano
  • Gaming controllers
  • Headphones
  • Snow sleds
  • Travel pillows
  • Shaver
  • and more!

There is bound to be something that you will enjoy reviewing and appreciate getting for free.

Where to Find Free Product Offers

As mentioned, the type of product offers you can get depends on several factors, including what you search for on Google, Amazon, and even on your previous purchases on Amazon.

The best way to get offers for product reviews is to be active on Amazon and on Facebook. Make sure you have the ability to see ads on your Facebook newsfeed (and no plugins or apps are blocking them). For most people, this will be the default.

I started getting ads on Facebook to review certain products. The ads usually look very similar to this:

Where to Find Free Product Offers

The ad may be general (looking for product reviewers) or have pictures of a specific product that the company needs reviewers for.

Feel free to reply to the general ads, but I prefer to respond to the ads that ask for reviewers for certain products. When you do this, you will know exactly the product that you're hoping to review and won't be wasting your time.

Requirements to Get Free Products from Amazon

In general, you will need three things in order to begin reviewing products for free on Amazon:

  • An established Amazon account (preferably with an already established reviewer score and/or some reviews on your account)
  • An Amazon Prime membership
  • A Paypal account

Some companies will let you review their products without an established account. But, the majority of companies will want a link to your Amazon profile so that they can vet your account.

Second, you will need an Amazon Prime account so that you don't have to pay for shipping. Most companies will not pay for shipping and therefore request that you have an Amazon Prime membership.

Finally, you will need a Paypal account. This is the only payment method companies will typically use in order to reimburse you.

How Does Reimbursement Work?

Most companies ask that you leave a 5-star review, about 2-3 sentences long, for the product that they send you. Some companies ask that you also post a picture or video with your review. This is usually the case with more expensive products.

For the most part, the products I have reviewed were worth a 5-star review. On occasion, I will get a product that I have to review as 5-stars when I don't think it deserves that. In some cases, if the product was very low quality, I have gone back and changed my star rating after payment was made. I only do this if I am not interested in working with that company again.

In some cases, the company will send you partial payment when you order the product and the rest of the payment after you leave your review. This is also generally only the case with more expensive products.

However, for most products, the company will reimburse you once your review is live. You should be prepared to pay for the product from your own account initially.

Companies prefer to reimburse you using your Paypal account.

Get Extra Rewards with an Amazon Rewards Card

One of the best things about reviewing Amazon products and getting them for free are the extra perks I can earn by using my Amazon Rewards Card.

The Amazon Rewards Card allows you to get 3% cashback points on all Amazon purchases. This means that not only do I get the products for free, but when I purchase them using my rewards card I get cashback as well. I can then use the points toward applying cash back toward my account balance, get cashback in another account, or use the points toward more Amazon purchases.

Trust me, that extra $60 that shows up in my account after a month of reviewing tons of FREE Amazon products makes it worth it. It's like I'm getting paid to review these products and stocking up on free gifts on top of it all.

If you're worried, I'll add that I never carry the balance on my credit card. I use the amount that the companies reimburse me to pay off the card I used to purchase the products.

Overall, I really love reviewing Amazon products for free. It's a great way to get gifts for friends and family, get something for myself once in a while, and try new products that I wouldn't normally be able to buy for myself.

Happy Reviewing!