How to Stay Excited About Your Exercise Routine

How to Improve Your Energy Levels

It can be hard to stay excited about your exercise when you have done it for a while or you aren’t seeing the results you want. There are other reasons too, so here’s how to overcome it.

Mix it With Something You Enjoy

There’s no reason why exercise has to be boring or a chore. Today, there are numerous ways you can mix it up with some fun activities for superb results. For example, music is one of the simplest and most popular ways to get hyped about training. There are even fitness music apps and stations dedicated to turning up the tempo as you burn off calories. And then there are video games like Just Dance and Ring Fit Adventure for making exercise routines a ton of fun.

Partner Up with a Friend

Some experts agree that we work out better when we work out together. When you partner with a friend or workout buddy, you have each other’s back and can help out with things like spotting. Additionally, you can offer encouragement to each to push your limits a little further. And finally, you can make a friendly game out of it. For example, seeing how much longer, faster, or harder you can go than your friend. Of course, try not to do anything that could end up in an injury.

Stay Excited About Your Exercise with Rewards

According to one recent study, over 90% of people who begin exercising will quit within three months. The reason is pretty obvious; exercise is hard, especially if you have had a sedentary lifestyle, are not eating right, and don’t really know what to do. Yet one of the ways you can encourage yourself is to reward your efforts. Of course, this doesn’t mean a pizza or some other fast food. But you could buy those shiny, new but expensive trainers you have had your eye on.

Think of It as a Challenge to Overcome

If you are a goal-oriented person who loves a challenge, then it doesn’t come much more challenging than training. You can set daily, weekly, and even monthly goals for yourself and challenge your own motivation to reach them. Tying in with rewards can give you the push you need to get over the initial body shock and mental block of continuing to exercise. Then you can develop further and greater challenges that end up with your overall desired fitness result.

Try to Visualize the Results You Want

Visualization is a valuable tool for almost anything. And it can be useful for training. After all, you are working out for a reason, right? Maybe you want to lose weight, strengthen your muscles or firm up your butt. Whatever it is, try to envision what you will look like. Then imagine the feelings that come with it. If you need help doing this, you can write down what you desire in a diary. Or you could create a vision board with inspiring images of the goals you wish to achieve. 


There are various things you can do to stay excited about your exercise to reach your goals. Try making it fun with music or video games, reward yourself for goals, and visualize what you want.